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  • Zimbabwe - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses - Historical
    Zimbabwe’s government proposes mobile network infrastructure sharingZimbabwe’s economy continues to recover from a decade of recession under gross mismanagement by the country’s political leaders. The normalisation of Zimbabwe’s economy is reflected in the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) forecast of continuous annual GDP growth at around 4% from 2014 onwards.
  • 2017 Nigeria - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses
    Nigeria’s broadband sector to benefit from five more InfraCo licences. Nigeria has one of the largest telecom markets in Africa, supported by the second largest economy on the continent. The sector has much potential for growth and so has attracted considerable foreign investment.
  • 2015 Global Broadband - Countries Embrace National Broadband Networks
    Fibre infrastructure making inroads. The majority of governments around the world have now accepted that national broadband networks are the way forward with over 140 countries around the world having concrete national broadband networks in place.
  • 2014 Global Digital Economy - The Crucial Role of E-Health, E-Government and E-Education
    Our future rests on E-health and E-education. With the rise of digital platforms, the world is rapidly changing. In newspaper and book publishing, TV and radio, film, music, and other forms of media, we see that the walls that protected organisations within traditional models are crumbling.
  • 2014 Global Digital Economy - The Rapidly Evolving E-Commerce and M-Commerce Markets
    Over-The-Top services model is a key development for e-commerce sector. Over-The-Top (OTT) is the services model for the future for communications and media services, as well as a whole range of emerging ones, such as e-commerce, m-commerce, e-health, e-education, smart grids and the digital economy in general.
  • 2013 Global Broadband - Fibre is the Infrastructure Required for the Future
    Broadband deployment strategies differ around the world National fibre optic networks are the infrastructure required for our future. There simply is no other technology that can handle the capacity of data and applications that will be needed to run the cities and countries from today onwards.
  • 2012 Global Broadband - The Fibre Future Looks Bright
    Fast broadband becoming a necessity for society BuddeComm’s annual publication Global Broadband – The Fibre Future Looks Bright, gives the latest insights into the global developments surrounding fixed broadband.
  • BuddeComm Intelligence Report - Global LTE Trends, Statistics and Leading Markets
    Archived report. LTE has become the fastest-developing mobile system technology and many countries around the world are either trialling or deploying 4G LTE networks. At the start of the year it was expected there would be over 200 LTE networks in commercial operation worldwide by the end of 2013.
  • 2010 World Digital Economy - E-Government, E-Health and E-Education Trends
    Digital economy important to key social services Developments in digital technology are driving the changes occurring in key social services such as government, healthcare and education. These sectors continue to incorporate e-services and this in turn is providing the building blocks for the smart cities of the future.
  • 2010 Global Smart Grids - An Industry in Transformation
    Smart Grid development involves many different elements Smart grids are now well and truly on the agenda of most electricity companies around the world - and indeed on many of their governments’ political agendas.
  • Global Telecoms - What is Hot in 2012
    Archived report. As wireless and fixed broadband infrastructure continues to build, we will continue to see interesting developments occur in the areas of smart technology and devices, the Internet of Things and cloud computing.
  • Burkina Faso - New telecom licence offered in high-growth mobile market
    Telecom Investment Research Note Burkina Faso in West Africa has one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the region with a penetration rate that stands at only about half the African average. The country’s telecommunications regulator has now announced an international tender for a combined fixed and mobile network operating licence, including the provision of third generation (3G) mobile services in the country for the first time, which will allow the licensee to enter the lucrative and virtually untapped broadband market.
  • 2010 Global Digital Media - Key Trends for Pay TV and Broadcasting
    DTTV, video based services, mobile TV and 3D TV expanding the consumer experience Digital Media developments are changing the landscape of broadcasting forever and in 2010 we continue to see new and innovative services emerge around the world.
  • 2007 Global Wireless Broadband - Focus Shifts to Mobile Sector
    The focus of wireless broadband, and in particular WiMAX has now shifted towards the area of mobility, although there will still be some opportunities in the fixed broadband markets. WiMAX is well suited to the mobile sector as the future of wireless/mobile rests very much with ‘personal broadband’ - where broadband is delivered to individual personal devices which are enabled for mobility.
  • Global - Mobile - Subscribers, Revenue, ARPU and Charge Statistics
    Archived report. This report was archived in 2010 and has not been updated since. Mobile ARPU levels differ widely between the regions of the world; however on the whole all regions have experienced declines in ARPU over the past few years – and this is set to continue in the current economic environment.
  • Digital Media - Digital TV and Home Theatre Insights
    Archived report. This report was archived in 2012. The broadcasting industry has experienced incredible changes over the past couple of years due to competitive and challenging market conditions combined with advances in technology.
  • Papua New Guinea - Telecoms Market Overview & Statistics - Background Report
    Although PNG has a relatively advanced telecom network compared with other developing nations, teledensity as well as mobile and Internet penetration remains very low. Telecoms infrastructure is limited to the major urban centres of Port Moresby, Lae and Mt Hagen leaving rural areas very poorly served.
  • 2014 Egypt - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
    New unified licensing regime for fixed and mobile networks Despite some restrictions and censorship, Egypt is one of the most developed Internet markets in Africa in terms of users, international bandwidth and services offered.
  • 2010 Morocco - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
    A booming 3G mobile broadband market Morocco is one of the most advanced telecommunications markets in Africa and often seen as a role model for future developments in other parts of the continent. It features a majority-privatised, highly profitable incumbent telco (Maroc Telecom), three fixed and mobile network operators, as well as the highest penetration and some of the lowest prices on the continent for broadband Internet access.
  • 2009 Uganda - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
    Once referred to as the Pearl of Africa, then devastated by civil war, peace and radical economic reforms have transformed Uganda into one of the fastest and most consistently growing economies on the continent.

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