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BuddeComm research is unique in its field. We provide a first-port-of-call service for high-level industry and market facts and statistics – and we carefully monitor all the technological developments that occur in the industry. The information available on the BuddeComm database is unrivalled anywhere in the world.

But at BuddeComm we also take a broader view. We focus on planning, and we study the market from the strategic perspective that is so important if a business is to prosper. We identify new business opportunities and warn of potential problems. Many reports include analyses based on Paul's 30 of years experience in this market.

And we look past the hype – taking that important leap into the real world. We look at the customers and make the connection between what the technology can do and what the market demands.

This is the only way a profitable business can be built around technology – by careful research and planning, and by giving the customers what they actually want.

Leading telecommunications consultants

  • The leading telecommunications research consultancy in the Asia Pacific region, with what is believed to be the largest telecommunications research site on the Internet.
  • First to publish specialised telecommunications newsletters and reports covering Europe and the Asia Pacific region.
  • Services are used by most major players in the industry as well as by end-users in publishing, banking, resources, retail and government.
  • Customers in 80 countries include all major international management consulting groups and most companies in the Fortune 500 Group.
  • Our largest customers include the governments of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Expert Analysis

  • Experts in analysing business and marketing issues, trends and developments in the industry.
  • Leaders in strategic planning for the telecommunications, Internet, wireless, broadcasting and broadband markets.

Pioneers in the world of online communications

  • Involved in the establishment of over 100 online services in Europe from 1978 onwards.
  • Involved in the development of one of the first interactive cable TV projects in Europe in 1983 (Cable TV Project Zuid Limburg – Netherlands).
  • Produced the business plan for Telecom Australia's (Telstra) public online service in 1986.
  • With TAFE NSW, Paul Budde co-developed one of the largest intranets in the world, Tafenet, for 400,000 students.
  • In 1986 designed the world's first nationwide homebanking service for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
  • Since the mid-1990s launched many broadband initiatives aimed at bringing utility companies into the telecoms infrastructure market, promoting community-based projects in local councils, state governments and regional communities.

Influences industry development

  • BuddeComm-sourced articles appear regularly in international business media and are quoted frequently in Australian, New Zealand and Asian media, including on CNNI, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, SkyNews, BBC and ABC.
  • Paul Budde is in regular contact with ministers, politician, regulators and key leaders of the industry.
  • BuddeComm’s senior analysts are addressing industry forums around the globe.
  • Paul Budde has conducted Strategic Workshops for most of the leading players in the telecommunications market.

Preferred supplier

  • BuddeComm received a national award from the Australian Telecommunications Industry for services to the industry.
  • BuddeComm services are used by over 10,000 industry professionals.
  • The Australian Financial Review has acknowledged Paul for his influence in the IT&T industry as a prominent analyst.

Unique source of knowledge and advice

  • BuddeComm publishes over 540 Research Reports per year covering and has over 3,500 Archived reports.
  • Research covers over 200 countries, 500 companies and 200 technologies and applications.

Purchase with Confidence

Moreover, the customer service personnel at BuddeComm helped me remedy an administrative problem within 5 minutes of sending the request...seriously, less than 5 minutes. All in all, Budde.com is a well-functioning organization with a useful product.

Eli Jellenc, VeriSign-iDefense Security Intelligence Services

Research Methodology

BuddeComm's strategic business reports contain a combination of both primary and secondary research statistics, analyses written by our senior analysts supported by a network of experts, industry contacts and researchers from around the world as well as our own scenario forecasts.

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