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BuddeComm is a Telecom, Media and Technology research and consultancy company. We help our clients make informed decisions in fast moving digital markets.

BuddeComm provides insights via two types of tools – country research reports and a Market Intelligence platform.

TMT Intelligence

Our Market Intelligence platform accelerates your time to insight and will help you to:

  • Stay ahead of TMT Markets: with our AI trained to spot new strategic opportunities, Telecom, Media and Technology players use TMT Intelligence to accelerate their growth. Our state-of-the-art AI is designed to uncover early signals in fast-moving digital markets so you can maintain an edge over competitors.
  • Leverage Intelligence Automation: reduce the risk of missing critical information by moving to automated intelligence. Track emerging companies, product launches, deployment, new licenses or technology trials across multiple regions, verticals and companies.
  • Identify your next growth opportunity: with Artificial Intelligence trained to detect emerging trends. BuddeComm allows you to track the latest technology evolutions, evaluate gaps in your competitors’ offerings or detect new use-cases in the digital.

Country Reports

Our country research reports provide analysis of the telecommunications, broadband, mobile, infrastructure and the digital economy markets for over 180 countries and 500 companies.

We explore developments in fixed and wireless telecommunications. We follow infrastructure developments, in particular those related to national broadband networks and other next-generation (fibre-based) networks.

In our report analyses we concentrate on strategic planning and investment issues:

  • Where are the new business opportunities for the various industry groups involved in the market?
  • Where are the pitfalls?
  • Where might the next mergers and acquisitions take place?

In our 200+ reports we provide 3-5 year scenario forecasting for the various key markets, taking different investment, regulatory and economic models into account. We strongly believe that traditional linear forecasting is not applicable to the telecoms industry, as there are too many variables in play, associated with politics, the regulatory environment and technology.

Complimenting our current research, our catalogue of over 4,000 archived reports provides what is believed to be the largest telecommunications research site on the Internet.

The company’s larger customers include the governments of USA, Canada, Britain, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Tanzania and Nigeria, as well as, several global institutions and most of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, financial institutions and IT companies.  

TMT Intelligence

A platform to scale your intelligence tasks

Monitor critical insights with our AI-powered Market Intelligence Platform gathering and analyzing intelligence in real time. With AI trained to spot emerging trends and detect new strategic opportunities, our clients use TMT Intelligence to accelerate their growth.

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TMT Intelligence Platform

Research Methodology

BuddeComm's strategic business reports contain a combination of both primary and secondary research statistics, analyses written by our senior analysts supported by a network of experts, industry contacts and researchers from around the world as well as our own scenario forecasts.

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Research Methodology

More than 4,000 customers from 140 countries utilise BuddeComm Research

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