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  • Global - Broadband - Internet & Broadband Statistical Tables by Country
    This report provides tables of Internet and Broadband use and penetration for all the countries in the world that are covered by the BuddeComm reports, together with the proportion of access technologies used.
  • Global - Mobile - Statistical Tables by Country - 2006
    This report provides tables of mobile communications statistics for all the countries in the world that are covered by the BuddeComm reports, together with the proportion of access technologies used. The major countries are ranked for each of these parameters.
  • 2007 African - Convergence and Broadcasting Market
    Broadcasting is an integral part of Africa’s development and a means of communication over the vast areas of this continent. Improvements in broadband infrastructure and the emergence of 3G mobile systems are now opening the way to convergence of conventional and digital media as well as telecommunications.
  • 2017 Global Mobile Operators - Regional Leaders - Overview and Statistics
    International expansion has strengthened the operations of many mobile operators. In 2017 the global mobile market has its sights firmly set on the opportunities offered through mobile data as well as looking for potential new revenues streams presented by the enterprise sector, data mining, 5G and international expansion.
  • Australia - International Analyses relevant to Australia
    This report contains a range of analyses on key developments in the international markets, written by our senior analysts. They have been selected for their relevance to the developments in Australia, or their impact on the overall international developments in the mobile and fixed broadband, digital economy and telecommunications markets in general.
  • Global - Mobile TV Development Insights
    Archived report. This report was archived in 2012 and has not been updated since. Many industry commentators have hoped during the past few years that mobile TV, representing a convergence between the mobile and broadcasting sectors, would lead to considerable changes in the way people used the technologies and services offered by both industries.
  • Global - Industry - Incumbents Revenue Change
    Archived report. This report was archived in 2008 and has not been updated since. Incumbents around the world are operating in a very challenging environment. In Asia, the incumbents have lost their monopoly status in their respective marketplaces, but have generally demonstrated considerable resilience in evolving new business strategies.
  • Telecoms & Broadband Business Newsletter - November 2005

  • 2007 African - Broadband and Internet Markets
    Africa’s data traffic is on the rise, fuelled by rapid growth of ADSL and wireless broadband services. Massive efforts are under way to adapt the continent’s underdeveloped infrastructure to the growing need, both on the national and international level.
  • Botswana Telecommunications Corp (BTC) IPO
    Telecom Investment Research Note. After more than a decade of preparation, investors are finally given an opportunity to become shareholders in Botswana’s national telco, BTC. An initial public offering (IPO) will see 49% of the company sold to the public and employees while the state will retain a majority stake.
  • Global - Analysis - The Financial Crisis and Economic Stimulus Packages
    Archived report. This report was archived in 2009 and has not been updated. While there is yet no end in sight of the financial crisis, by early 2009 most governments had put in place economic stimulus package in trying to soften the blow as much as possible.
  • Global - Analysis - The US Financial Crisis and the effects on Communications
    Being in Washington DC in the midst of the financial crisis provided Paul Budde with a unique opportunity to experience it as it occurred. This report contains his analysis and comments on the financial crisis as he saw it.
  • Global - Overview from BuddeComm’s Researchers - 2008
    Archived report. This report was archived in 2008 and has not been updated since. The annual BuddeComm Researchers conference is one of the highlights of our year. Operating a research network that extends all over the world has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • Australia - Digital Media - E-education

  • Telecoms & Broadband Business Newsletter - March 2007

  • Global - Analysis - Brief Global predictions for 2007
    Archived report. This report was archived in 2007 and has not been updated. This report provided a brief overview of the major developments that are likely to take place on a global scale in 2007. Mobile continues to steam ahead in developing markets, to the extent that early signs of market saturation are evident.
  • Telecommunications Newsletter - April 2003
    See this documents 'Table of Contents' for more details.
  • Superhighways Newsletter - May 2001
    See this documents 'Table of Contents' for more details.
  • BuddeComm Intelligence Report - Spectrum and White Spaces
    Archived report. More spectrum is required if we want to make the most of all the new opportunities that mobile and wireless broadband technology have to offer our society and our economy. With the voice market saturated, the telcos attention has moved to mobile broadband which requires more spectrum; governments around the world are beginning to view the sale of spectrum as a viable revenue raising opportunity in a fragile economy.
  • 2016 Global Mobile Communications and Mobile Broadband - Analyses and Statistics
    Smartphone growth shifts to the emerging markets while LTE network deployment continue. The global smartphone market has slowed from its boom years to a more modest but still significant growth. With mature markets becoming increasingly dependent on replacement purchases rather than on first-time buyers, the industry is shifting its attention to emerging countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where much of the population either does not own a mobile phone or has yet to move from feature phone to smartphone.

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In 2009 Paul contacted me and we engaged in the brainstorming sessions that led to the development of the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

Paul is a visionary with a keen strategic approach. He is a powerful communicator, provides succinct analyses and has a complete knowledge of all the key information and communications technologies relating to broadband.

Dr Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General International Telecommunications Union (ITU) 2006-2014

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