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  • 2008 Global Digital Economy - M-Commerce, E-Commerce & E-Payments
    E-commerce is now an important part of the economy, particularly in the developed markets. While e-commerce is still in its infancy in many emerging markets, this is set to change in the coming years especially in China.
  • 2008 Global Digital Media - Entertainment Market
    The most hotly debated topic in the digital media industry is how to make money and it is the entertainment sector that many involved in the industry are directing their focus. The Internet, digital television, home media centres and mobile devices are all being used to deliver entertainment services.
  • 2015 Global Digital and Sharing Economy - Transforming Governments, Consumers and Business
    The Sharing and Networking Economy demonstrate the growing trust in online services. The quick acceptance of the Sharing Economy movement demonstrates the enormous trust and confidence consumers, businesses and government alike now place in online services generally.
  • 2015 Nigeria - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights
    Nigerian telcos looking for post-election stability in northern states. Given its potential for further growth, Nigeria’s large and fast growing telecom markets continues to attract considerable foreign investment.
  • 2014 Kenya - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
    Telkom Kenya up for sale, new MVNO licences, Essar exits market Kenya’s telecommunications and broadband market has undergone a revolution following the arrival of four fibre-optic international submarine cables, ending its dependency on limited and expensive satellite bandwidth.
  • 2014 Global Digital Media - Smart TV, Digital TV and IPTV Trends
    In the digital media revolution, consumer choice is the key. The digital TV and video broadcasting industry has changed beyond recognition and it continues to evolve. Consumer habits are shifting from broadcast TV to on-demand content – especially streaming.
  • 2012 World Digital Economy - E-Government, E-Health and E-Education Transforming Services
    Vital services depend on internet The latest annual publication by BuddeComm titled: Global Digital Economy – E-Government, E-Heath and E-Education provides key global insights and statistics for these increasingly important sectors which are becoming vital in society.
  • 2012 Kenya - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
    Internet subscriptions almost double in 12 months Kenya’s telecommunications and broadband market is undergoing a revolution following the arrival of three fibre optic international submarine cables (Seacom, TEAMS and EASSy), ending its dependency on limited and expensive satellite bandwidth.
  • 2012 Global Digital Media - Entertainment a Key Online Activity
    BuddeComm’s annual publication Global Digital Media – Entertainment a Key Online Activity, gives the latest insights into the popular online entertainment sector. The report includes broad statistical information and insights into internet media trends with a focus on the key sectors of video media, social networking, digital music and online gaming and gambling.
  • 2015 Global Digital Media - The Unstoppable Video Streaming, TV and Entertainment Industries
    Multiple viewing platforms compete for consumer attention. The global digital media entertainment market continues to go from strength to strength in 2015. This highly competitive industry sector is flourishing on the back of improved mobile and broadband infrastructure and consumers continue to embrace being entertained and connected via gaming, social media, video streaming and music.
  • 2013 Global Digital Economy - The Buoyant E-Commerce and M-Commerce Markets
    Industry conditions create perfect recipe for e-commerce and m-commerce to thrive The e-commerce and m-commerce sectors must represent one of the most innovative and rapidly evolving sectors worldwide; with the speed that new services, features and companies appear (and disappear) quite a spectacle to observe.
  • Telecoms & Broadband Business Newsletter - October 2013
    Editorial - The rapidly shrinking traditional telecoms market Back as early as 2011 we were reporting about the shrinking Vodafone – at the time when they sold their stakes in French and Chinese mobile operations.
  • 2013 Australia Telecoms Market Analysis - Top Trends Moving into 2014
    NBN set to survive, Mobile Broadband booms, but Revenues down Analysis Telecoms Market – mid-2013. This report provides expert insights into the Australian telecoms market. It goes beyond the hype and the spin and analyses all the key developments in this market, highlighting where the opportunities are and where to look out for the pitfalls.
  • Telecoms & Broadband Business Newsletter - January-February 2013
    Editorial:- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year It is sometimes a bit daunting when we stand in the thick of things facing the various problems at hand, personally in our work environments, and also nationally and internationally.
  • Telecoms & Broadband Business Newsletter - September 2012
    Editorial - Infrastructure investments are coming under threat The GFC is fundamentally changing the economic environment that we have been enjoying for the last 50 years. While it is anybody’s guess what will happen in Europe the outcome there will change the finance world forever.
  • 2012 Global Mobile Broadband - Infrastructure and Spectrum Crunch
    High demand for mobile broadband The global mobile broadband industry has become an incredible spectacle to observe, from the many competitors vying for position; the amazing apps streaming into the market; the introduction of new devices and the looming spectrum and infrastructure crunch.
  • 2010 World Digital Economy - E-Commerce and M-Commerce Trends
    E-commerce and M-commerce enter new phase of development It is no surprise that there is enormous interest in the unfolding developments occurring in the e-commerce and m-commerce sector. It is entering a new phase of development as the traditional online commerce sector merges with the newer web and mobile tools of social media, cloud computing, location based services etc.
  • 2009 Global Digital Media - Entertainment Trends and Statistics
    The entertainment market as a whole continues to be reshaped in light of technological advancements and new industry partnerships. Developments in online video, IPTV and home media centres are intensifying as the underlying technologies continue to converge.
  • 2008 Global Mobile Communications - Statistics, Trends & Forecasts
    While it still too early to claim a turnaround, it is clear that the mobile industry is undergoing profound changes. The saturated developed markets are forcing the industry to find new revenue streams and we are now seeing other organisations such as media companies, content providers, Internet media companies and private equity companies becoming involved in this market.
  • Middle East - Mobile Market - Overview & Forecasts
    The very dynamic mobile market of the Middle East has very high penetration rates but continues with surprisingly high growth rates as competition continues to increase. All countries now have at least two licensed operators.

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We wanted to extend our Com World Series of telecoms industry events to the South Pacific region and we were in urgent need of a partner in the region who could assist us with confirming the involvement of governments, telcos and more. Paul Budde and his team executed this perfectly. Paul also provided us with very high quality reports on every aspect of the project, including an amazingly thorough and actionable report on the conference presentations and discussion.

Joe Willcox, Commercial Content Director, Emap Connect, Emap

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