Corporate Subscription

BuddeComm’s Corporate Subscription provides flexible access to our high-level strategic information on key industry and market developments in the global telecommunications and digital economy sectors.

In addition to our unparalleled knowledge of Telecommunications, Digital Media and the Digital Economy, BuddeComm is the best source of information and research for:

  • Emerging geographical markets of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe
  • Emerging technologies such as AI, Smart Cities, Big Data, IT Security, IoT etc

Your subscription can be tailored to your needs showing either country, global or telecoms market research.

TMT Intelligence - Monitor critical insights with our AI-powered Market Intelligence Platform gathering and analyzing intelligence in real time

  • Monitor the wildness of the TMT market
  • Accelerate your time to insight
  • Share your knowledge

Market Subscription - topics such as Wireless, Broadband, Fixed Line and Digital Services

  • High level strategic insights
  • Analysis on the Regulatory Environment
  • Key Market and Company Statistics
  • Market trends and forecasts

Global Database Subscription

  • Global insights on over 20 major technology trends including AI, Smart Cities, Big Data, IT Security, IoT etc
  • Unique country comparisons of key telecoms statistics
  • Examples of technology use by different organisations and countries
  • Integration with over 200 country reports is available for more detail
  • Extensive company information

Regional Database Subscription Options

Ask for quote for one of our regional subscription options

  • Africa Research Telecom Database (44 Countries)
  • Asia Research Telecom Database (35 Countries)
  • Americas (North, Latin, Caribbean) Research Telecom Database (51 Countries)
  • Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Research Telecom Database (17 Countries)
  • Europe Research Telecom Database (41 Countries)
  • Middle East Telecom Database (14 Countries)

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30 Time Series Across 200 Countries and 1,500 Companies

  • Total Telecom Market size
  • Total Telecom Investment
  • Interconnect Revenue
  • Interconnect Traffic
  • Fixed-line Market size
  • End-user fixed-line Revenue
  • Fixed-Line Subcription by type
  • Fixed telephone lines in service
  • Fixed-Line Teledensity
  • Mobile Market size
  • End-user Mobile Revenue
  • Mobile Subscribers
  • Mobile Penetration
  • Mobile Coverage
  • Broadband Market size
  • End-user Broadband Revenue
  • Total Broadband Subscribers
  • DSL Subsribers
  • FttH/FttC Subscribers
  • Cable/Fiber Subscribers
  • Broadband Household Penetration
  • Unbundled Lines
  • Number of DSL Lines
  • Total Telecom revenue by company
  • Fixed-line revenue by company
  • Fixed-line subscribers by company
  • Fixed-line company market shares
  • Mobile revenue by company
  • Mobile subscribers by company
  • Mobile company market shares
  • Broadband revenue by company
  • Broadband subscribers by company
  • Broadband company market shares

BuddeComm’s Unique Experience

For more than 20 years BuddeComm has been tracking, collecting and analysing telecoms data relating to over 200 countries, their key players and technology developments spanning the introduction of the Intermet and mobile phones to developments of today including IoT, BigData and the Digtial Economy. The experience of our Senior Analysts gives a unique understanding and knowledge of all things relating to telecoms.

Our ability to deliver comprehensive market insights and reliable market predictions is recognised by major financial and telecoms organisations, government agencies and over 4000 of our customers around the world.

TMT Intelligence

A platform to scale your intelligence tasks

Monitor critical insights with our AI-powered Market Intelligence Platform gathering and analyzing intelligence in real time. With AI trained to spot emerging trends and detect new strategic opportunities, our clients use TMT Intelligence to accelerate their growth.

If you want to know more about it, please see:

TMT Intelligence Platform

Research Methodology

BuddeComm's strategic business reports contain a combination of both primary and secondary research statistics, analyses written by our senior analysts supported by a network of experts, industry contacts and researchers from around the world as well as our own scenario forecasts.

For more details, please see:

Research Methodology

More than 4,000 customers from 140 countries utilise BuddeComm Research

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