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Along with the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland has secured one of the highest broadband penetration rates in Europe. The country benefits from universal DSL infrastructure and an expansive cable broadband network, with effective cross-platform competition. The DSL sector, dominated by Swisscom, has about two-thirds of the market by subscribers. The dominant cable broadband provider UPC Switzerland offers broadband in most cities and towns, and its extension of 500Mb/s services has helped spur Swisscom to intensify its VDSL, G.fast and FttP network rollouts in a bid to remain competitive. UPC Switzerland as well as smaller cablecos such as Quicklime have launched services based on the DOCSIS3.1 standard. In March 2018 the telco Salt, which already operated in the mobile segment, launched a fibre-based broadband and pay TV service to about a third of premises at a price markedly lower than competitors.

Swisscom has set aside for fibre networks a significant proportion of its planned infrastructure investment over the coming years, and its program has been facilitated by cooperative deals struck with regional utility companies. Amendments to the Telecommunications Act approved in September 2017 were aimed at addressing a number of consumer concerns and introducing measures to promote competition and deregulation.

There has been a focus on ‘ultra-fast’ broadband, defined as a service of at least 100Mb/s. To this end the government is promoting technologies based on fibre, LTE, DOCSIS3.1 and 5G. By 2020 fixed-line networks are expected to deliver at least 100Mb/s to 85% of the population, while services based on 5G should be available from Swisscom Mobile.

This report presents an analysis of Switzerland’s broadband market, including profiles of the main players in the DSL, cable, fibre and wireless sectors. It details technological developments, provides broadband forecasts, and examines regulatory issues related to municipal fibre, local loop unbundling, and the provision of broadband as a universal service.

Key developments:

  • Swisscom reaches half-way point in CHF1.6 billion national 'superfast' broadband program;
  • Key telcos call for revision of draft amendments to the Telecommunications Act;
  • Regulator measures eliminate FttP network duplication, increase minimum internet speed on Swisscom's USO;
  • Swisscom signs more FttP network construction sharing contract, launches 1Gb/s service;
  • UPC Switzerland extends footprint reach with third-party network agreements;
  • Swisscom contracts Huawei for FttS network upgrade;
  • Report update includes the regulator's market data for 2017, telcos' operating and financial data to Q3 2018, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Swisscom, Sunrise, Cybernet, UPC Switzerland.

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