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Publication Date: June 2024

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Belarus’s telcos affected by supply-side difficulties

The government of Belarus has successfully promoted the migration to an all-IP platform as part of a wider effort towards a digital transformation for the economy. In the process, the state-supported infrastructure operator beCloud has built an extensive fibre network which reaches all but the smallest settlements in the country. Belarus has the second highest fibre penetration rate in Europe, behind only Iceland. LTE coverage is almost universal, while considerable progress has also been made in developing 5G services.

On the down side, the country faces considerable political and economic turmoil, and telcos have had to invest in network infrastructure while managing a significant fall in the value of the local currency (particularly against the euro and the US dollar). The depreciation of the currency is expected to continue further into 2022, though at an uncertain rate. Telcos are separately affected by difficulties in securing supplies of equipment as a result of EU sanctions. In addition, Ukrainian mobile operators have stopped roaming with Belarusian networks.

Although the sector has been reformed, this has not yet resulted in the privatisation of the incumbent, despite the government being pressed to sell state enterprises in a bid to reduce overall debt. Revenue growth for Beltelecom is expected to come from the FttP sector, where much of the company’s capex is directed.

Key developments:

  • beCloud and MTS continue LTE network expansion; A1 Belarus preps for a standalone 5G service;
  • Regulator ends roaming charges with Eastern Partnership Initiative countries;
  • Government increases corporate income tax rate for telcos from 18% to 30%, effective to end-2022;
  • Government announces the country’s readiness to launch 5G-based services;
  • Report update includes regulator data to December 2021, operator data to Q2 2022, updated Telecom Maturity Index charts and analyses, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Beltelecom, Cosmos TV, Minsk TV, and Information Networks (MTIS), Teleradio, Belcel, A1 Belarus (MDC), MTS Belarus, BeST life:)

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