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Slovakia completes multi-spectrum 5G auction

Slovakia’s incumbent telco Slovak Telekom retains its dominance of the fixed-line voice and broadband sector, though there is effective competition in the mobile market, where most investment is being channelled. The main operators including O2 Slovakia and Orange Slovakia have expanded into offering bundled fixed and mobile services.

The broadband market has shown steady growth in recent years. DSL remains the principal technology though in early 2020 it was eclipsed by the fast-developing fibre sector, which has been supported by sympathetic regulatory measures and considerable investment among operators. The cable sector is a distant third in terms of subscribers, though cable is particularly strong in urban areas. The main telco UPC Slovakia has gained customers steadily in recent years (reaching 144,000 by the end of 2020) on the back of its widely available 1Gb/s service offering.

Slovakia’s mobile market is served by four MNOs, two of which are the local units of operators with a pan-European reach (Deutsche Telekom and Orange Group), O2 Slovakia was once the local unit of Telefónica Group before being sold to an investment concern. The introduction of mobile number portability in 2006 intensified competition between players. However, the MVNO sector remains underdeveloped, with the few operators in place having failed to gain traction and thus holding only a marginal share of the overall market.

Mobile broadband access and content services are developing rapidly in line with operators having upgraded their networks. The regulator prepared the groundwork for 5G services in line with European Union requirements, with concessions in the 3.5GHz range followed by those in the 700MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz bands. Although commercial services by the first quarter of 2021 were limited, licensees have invested in 5G infrastructure and also have considerable coverage obligations.

This report outlines Slovakia’s fixed-line telecom market, providing an overview of the regulatory environment, profiles of the major operators, and a range of operational and financial statistics. The report also provides insights into the mobile voice and data sectors, including market statistics as well as profiles of the mobile network operators, and covering regulatory issues as well as developments in LTE, 5G and mobile data services. In addition, the report addresses Slovakia’s fixed-line and wireless broadband markets, providing an overview of major players, as well as statistics, market analyses and subscriber forecasts.

Key developments:

  • Regulator concludes multi-spectrum auction for 5G;
  • Slovanet sells 3.5GHz concessions to Orange Slovakia;
  • UPC Slovakia extends 1Gb/s broadband service based on DOCSIS3.1;
  • Report update includes the regulator’s market data to June 2020, telcos’ operating data to Q4 2020, Telecom Maturity Index charts and analyses, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Slovak Telekom, Orange Slovakia, UPC Slovakia, O2 Slovakia, BENESTRA (GTS Nextra)

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