2016 Romania - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

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Publication Overview

This report provides a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in Romania’s telecommunications market. The report analyses the mobile, internet, broadband, digital TV and converging media sectors. Subjects include:

  • Market and industry analyses, trends and developments;
  • Facts, figures and statistics;
  • Industry and regulatory issues;
  • Infrastructure developments;
  • Major Players, Revenues, Subscribers, ARPU, MoU;
  • Internet, VoIP, IPTV;
  • Mobile Voice and Data Markets;
  • Broadband (FttP, DSL, cable, wireless);
  • Convergence and Digital Media;
  • Government policies affecting the telecoms industry;
  • Market liberalisation and industry issues;
  • Telecoms operators – privatisation, IPOs, acquisitions, new licences;
  • Mobile technologies (GSM; 3G, HSPA, LTE).

Researcher:- Henry Lancaster
Current publication date:- December 2016 (14th Edition)

Executive Summary

Romania’s average fixed-line broadband speed broaches 100Mb/s

Romania’s fixed-line telecoms market is evolving under the weight of competition and technological change. The implementation of EU Directives opened the telecoms market to competition and brought about a regulatory framework designed to foster effective competition. Alternative operators now off a range of competing services in all market segments, and in mid-2016 had a majority share of fixed-lines in service.

The broadband market benefits from effective infrastructure-based competition. A focus on fibre-based services has seen the country’s fibre sector become one of the strongest in Europe. By mid-2016 about 94% of all fixed broadband lines were on some sort of fibre-based infrastructure. As a result, the country has one of the highest FttP penetration rates in the region, and by November 2016 the average broadband download speed broached 100Mb/s.

Increasing broadband take up has also fostered the development of Romania’s internet society, encompassing e-commerce, e-government and e-health. Digital TV is available via cable TV, satellite and digital terrestrial TV, with the satellite-based digital pay-TV operators instrumental in driving digital TV uptake. DTTV developments are progressing following the approval of a DTTV migration strategy.

Romania’s mobile market is served by five mobile network operators utilising a mixture of GSM, 3G and 4G technologies. Mobile broadband growth has been strong following network investments which have extended the reach of LTE services. Technologies adopted by the network operators have pushed mobile broadband to data rates at up to 375Mb/s, while the average mobile data rate reached 28Mb/s as of September 2016. There is effective competition among the operators, while a growing number of MVNOs add to the mix: one of the largest broadband players, UPC Romania, planned to launch as an MVNO in 2018. MNOs have also expanded into the fixed-line market: through a network sharing deal with Telekom Romania, Orange Romania provides bundled services to its subscribers. In late 2016 the company launched FttP services offering data at up to 1Gb/s.

This report analyses Romania’s developing telecommunications market, covering regulatory developments, the major players and fixed-line infrastructure. The report also covers the broadband and digital media markets, covering the technologies, the major players and market developments. In addition, the report reviews the fast moving mobile market, covering market developments, as well as profiling the major operators and offering a variety of financial and performance statistics. It also provides an update on spectrum auctions and regulatory developments.

Key developments:

  • Telecom regulator removes wholesale internet access obligations;
  • Legislation passed to facilitate access to telco infrastructure and public spaces;
  • Government proposes 1% teleco tax on pay TV and broadband services;
  • Average broadband download speed broaches 100Mb/s;
  • Orange Romania offering 1Gb/s FttP services;
  • UPC Romania launches free shared Wi-Fi network for subscribers;
  • Telekom Romania launches 1Gb/s FttP service in 13 cities;
  • Vodafone Romania partners with Netflix to provide content through its mobile videostreaming service;
  • RCS&RDS launches 1Gb/s offer;
  • Digi Mobil launches LTE services in the 2100MHz band;
  • Operators secure spectrum in the 3.4GHz band;
  • MNOs fined for failing on coverage obligations;
  • Orange Romania invests €500 million in its Romanian networks;
  • Telekom Romania Mobile extends LTE service;
  • UPC Romania planning launch as an MVNO in 2018;
  • Report update includes the regulator’s market data to June 2016, telcos’ operating and financial data to Q3 2016, recent market developments.

 Companies mentioned in this report:

RCS&RDS, UPC Romania, GTS Telecom, Telekom Romania (Cosmote Romania), SN Radiocomunicatii, DigiTV, Boom TV, Dolce, Vodafone Romania, Orange Romania, Digi Mobil, Telemobil.

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