Technology - IP Routing & Addressing Crisis 6 - APT & Ivip


We discuss and compare APT (A Practical Transit mapping service) and Ivip (Internet Vastly Improved Plumbing) which together with LISP are the major proposals for a new routing and addressing architecture to provide multihoming, traffic engineering and portability for end-user networks without directly involving the BGP routing system.

Table of Contents

  • 1. SynopsiS
  • 2. APT
    • 2.1 BGP for mapping distribution
    • 2.2 ITRs and Default Mappers
  • 3. Ivip
    • 3.1.1 Functional elements
    • 4. Challenges for all proposals
      • 4.2 Mobility
      • 4.3 Security and robustness
      • 4.4 Tunneling overhead
        • 4.4.1 IP-in-IP and UDP encapsulation
        • 4.4.2 Overhead for short packets
      • 4.5 Maximum Transmission Unit and fragmentation
        • 4.5.1 IPv4 fragmentation and reassembly
        • 4.5.2 RFC 1191 Path MTU Discovery
        • 4.5.3 Sprite-mtu
        • 4.5.4 RFC 4821 PMTUD
        • 4.5.5 IPTM
    • 5. Related reports

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