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With ongoing reductions in capex in telecommunications the long term future of this industry is under threat. Telecom clearly sees it responsibility in satisfying the financial market and its shareholders interests. There are however critical national economic and social issues that needs to be taken into consideration as well. Without competitive pressure Telstra sees no need to take a leadership role. It is therefore up to the government to make sure that its regulatory policies ensure the long term future of the country’s national telecoms infrastructure; preferable by effective policies that guarantees competition.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Core business vision from Telstra
  • 3. Telstra’s new plans for its Australian network (analysis)
    • 3.1 Telstra goes IP and optic
    • 3.2 Broadband growth predictions
    • 3.3 Regulatory holiday?
    • 3.4 Integrated video, voice and data
    • 3.5 Almighty Telstra
  • 4. Sixty percent of Australian population has already fibre to the curb.
  • 5. Overview of the market -2003/2004
  • 6. The Telstra CAN – the weak link in our e-economy
  • 7. Analysis of demand for Bandwidth in Australia
    • 7.1 Spectacular developments in bandwidth
    • 7.2 Value added services to SMEs are key
    • 7.3 Opportunities to connect e-businesses
  • 8. Analysis of infrastructure business models
    • 8.1 Alternatives to Telstra
    • 8.2 Big intelligent pipes needed from big players
  • 9. Analysis of investments in Australia’s infrastructure
    • 9.1 Skewed investment priorities
    • 9.2 The role of the financial industry
    • 9.3 The local access legacy of the 1990s
    • 9.4 Access to cable TV networks is important
    • 9.5 The regions need government action
    • 9.6 Structural separation and investment
  • 10. Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH)
  • 11. Analysis of Australia’s dark fibre market
    • 11.1 Shedding light on a perishable commodity
    • 11.2 The business model
    • 11.3 Infrastructure capacity and services distinguished
    • 11.4 Australia’s market for dark fibre
  • 12. Forecasts
    • 12.1 Bright future ahead
    • 12.2 Developments will be non-linear
    • 12.3 The market in ten years time
  • 13. Related reports
  • Table 1 – From Kilobit to Yottabit
  • Exhibit 1 – New public network concept

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