Australia - Regulatory - Analysis of June 2003 developments


A number of important regulatory and government policy developments took place within a few days of each during the month of June 2003. I have put these developments into perspective, with reference also to analyses that deal more comprehensively with the key issues. They include the privatisation of Telstra, future proofing of the network, new access prices and Telstra’s dominance in the telecoms/cable TV infrastructure market. At the end of the report is an overview of the various new government policies.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Overview of policy and regulatory changes
  • 3. Australia – odd man out
  • 4. Structural Industry problems hamper competition
  • 5. Professor Allan Fels on competition
  • 6. Conflict of interest?
  • 7. Telstra overvalued?
  • 8. Future-proofing telecoms in Australia
  • 9. Cities v regions
  • 10. Quality of telephone services
  • 11. The Government’s Response to the Estens Inquiry
    • 11.1 Introduction
    • 11.2 Adequacy of Services
    • 11.3 Enhancements to existing services
    • 11.4 Additional funding for existing services
    • 11.5 'Future proofing'
    • 11.6 National Broadband Strategy
    • 11.7 Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme
    • 11.8 Legislated regular reviews of regional telecommunications
    • 11.9 Telstra local presence in regional Australia
    • Table 1 – Government shares in telcos
    • Table 2 – Broadband access amongst Internet households 2001 - 2003

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Last updated 11 Jul 2003
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Analyst: Peter Evans

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