Argentina - Fixed-Line Market and Infrastructure - Overview, Statistics and Forecasts

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This report was archived in October 2015. Data contained within it remains updated in the Argentina - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses report.

Argentina’s fixed-line teledensity is the fourth highest in South America after Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil – having been overtaken by the latter in 2012. As in other countries, fixed-to-mobile substitution has adversely affected the Argentinean fixed-line market. The country’s teledensity has shrunk by 2.7 percentage points since peaking at 24.5% in 2005.

The local fixed-line market is dominated by the incumbent operators Telecom Argentina (Telecom) and Telefónica de Argentina (TA). Some 400 smaller telcos, mostly cooperatives, are also active, as well as a few cable TV companies which provide fixed telephony over their networks as part of bundled service offerings. While long distance services are highly competitive, in the local telephony sector, despite the large number of operators, meaningful competition has yet to develop. Telefónica Argentina and Telecom own respectively 52% and 45% of the country’s fixed lines in service.

Unlike other countries where triple play has helped boost the flagging fixed-line sector, the only company that could have made a difference – Grupo Clarín – has not been allowed to offer telephony services.

This report provides an overview of Argentina’s telecom infrastructure, together with profiles of major fixed-line operators, accompanied by relevant statistics, analyses, and fixed-line scenario forecasts for the years 2015 and 2020.

Key developments:

Arsat-1 satellite launches, providing a range of services across Argentina and neighbouring countries; Federal Fibre-Optic Network now connects 1,800 localities across the country, running to 30,000km of the 80,000km to be built; fibre Telecom Italia to sell its stake in Telecom Argentina, reducing its net debt; network investment strategies from major telcos to 2015, driven by broadband and data communications services; Argentina develops local link to the Atlantic Cable System (ACSea) in partnership with Brazil; state-owned; report includes telcos’ operating data to Q3 2014, recent market developments.

Companies covered in this report include:

Telefónica de Argentina SA (TASA), Telecom Argentina (Telecom), Claro, IPLAN, IP-TEL, Fecotel, Fecosur, COTEL, Cotecal, Arsat, INVAP.

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