2007 Western European Telecoms Markets and Statistics

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Last updated: 15 Jan 2008 Update History

Report Status: Archived

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Analyst: Stephen McNamara

Publication Overview

This annual report offers the latest data, statistics and analysis on the telecoms markets in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Subjects include:

  • National and European Union Regulatory Issues;
  • Telecom Market Liberalisation;
  • National and International Infrastructure;
  • Network Operators - Strategies and Market Analysis;
  • Local Loop Unbundling - Status and Policies;
  • Carrier Preselection and Number Portability;
  • National Competitive Environments;
  • Regulatory issues;
  • Incumbent Market Shares - Strategic Assessments.

Executive Summary

This Europe market report presents the latest statistics for Europe’s telecom market in 2007. The overall market continued to grow steadily, bolstered by the strong mobile and broadband sectors and continuing developments in the digital TV sector. For incumbents, falling fixed voice revenue has forced them to shift their focus to mobile data and IP-delivered content.

In coming years consumer migration to mobile and VoIP alternatives, as well as the move to all-IP NGNs will further marginalise fixed-voice as a business component. Many operators are thus rapidly shifting their focus on revenue-rich sectors such as mobile data and to content delivered over upgraded IP networks. These services, including Video-on-Demand, IPTV and consumer-driven content, still require fine-tuning to meet consumer expectations but are likely winners in coming years. Large-scale investments in upgrading broadband networks promise considerable development in these sectors in 2008 as infrastructure becomes better able to deliver services to a critical mass of the population.

The enlargement of the EU in recent years greatly increased the number of operators in Europe. In 2007 Romania and Bulgaria joined the ten accession countries of 2004, adding to the regulatory burden but providing enormous opportunities for established operators in western countries to expand beyond highly-competitive markets and build up businesses in relatively underdeveloped environments.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the telecom markets of 18 European countries. It provides key statistics on national and international infrastructure, and surveys the main players together with their business models and strategies for coming years. Consumer market forecasts are given in the context of technological developments and growing consumer awareness of product offerings. In addition, key regulatory measures on the European and national levels are examined and assessed for their implications in coming years, particularly regarding areas such as structural separation and proposals for a pan-European regulator. The report also analyses emerging trends and expected growth sectors developing in coming years, providing the background to assess how the market in this crucial region will progress to the end of the decade.

Data in this report is the latest available at the time of preparation and may not be for the current year.

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