Niue - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights and Statistics

Executive summary

Nationwide free Wi-Fi remains the most reliable means of communication in Niue

BuddeComm’s report Niue - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights and Statistics provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in the telecommunications market of Niue, including industry and operator data updates and estimates through to 2014.


The island of Niue is a self-governing nation in free association with New Zealand. Its small and dwindling population relies on foreign aid, especially from New Zealand and Australia. Compared with other Pacific island countries, GDP per capita is relatively high. Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy storms at certain times of the year, and Cyclone Heta in 2004, have been responsible for damaging or destroying the country’s infrastructure, including the telecom network.

Penetration of telecom services

Niue has the highest level of internet penetration per head of population in the Pacific. It also has the highest teledensity, with a fixed-line phone in almost every one of the island’s 800 households. Mobile penetration, however, is low, and GSM services only became available in 2011.

Telecom operators

State-owned Telecom Niue is the only provider of fixed line, mobile, and ADSL services. Its network was upgraded in 2011 from analogue to IP-based technology. The only other telecom company in Niue is the Internet Users Society Niue (IUSN), trading as Internet Niue, which provides free Wi-Fi internet access to the whole island.

Free Wi-Fi service

Internet Niue’s Wi-Fi network allows Niueans and visitors to use their laptops, PCs, smartphones, PSPs, or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to go online anywhere on Niue where there is Wi-Fi coverage. Any visitor can access the Wi-Fi network after paying the registration fee, and remain connected to the open-node for the duration of their stay at no additional charge. Wi-Fi has been an ideal solution for Niue, where the hostile weather conditions often interfere with the copper-wire network.

Market highlights:

  • Telecom Niue is installing a fibre-optic cable around the island to provide a multimedia system capable of carrying voice, data, and TV services to every village in Niue.
  • Telecom Niue’s IP network uses Asterisk open source communications platform.
  • Telecom Niue provides mobile voice and data services branded Rockcel Mobile.
  • Mobile services include prepaid and SMS, but international mobile roaming remains unavailable.

This report provides an overview of trends and developments in the Niuean telecommunications market. Subjects covered include:

  • Market and industry overviews;
  • Facts, figures, and statistics;
  • Telecommunications policies and regulatory issues;
  • Major players (fixed, mobile, and broadband);
  • Fixed-line market and infrastructure;
  • Broadband market;
  • Mobile market.

Lucia Bibolini

August 2014

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive summary
  • 2. Key statistics
  • 3. Country overview
  • 4. Telecommunications market
    • 4.1 Overview of Niue’s telecom market
  • 5. Regulatory environment
    • 5.1 Overview
    • 5.2 Communications Act 1989
    • 5.3 Communications Amendment Act 2000
  • 6. Fixed network operator in Niue
    • 6.1 Telecom Niue
  • 7. Telecommunications infrastructure
    • 7.1 National telecom network
    • 7.2 International infrastructure
  • 8. Broadband access market
    • 8.1 Overview
    • 8.2 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
    • 8.3 Internet Users Society Niue (IUSN)
      • 8.3.1 Free Wi-Fi service
    • 8.4 Pacific Rural Internet Connectivity System (PacRICS)
    • 8.5 One Laptop Per Child Program (OPLC)
  • 9. Mobile communications
    • 9.1 Overview of Niue’s mobile market
  • 10. Related reports
  • Table 1 – Country statistics Niue – 2013
  • Table 2 – Telephone network statistics – 2013
  • Table 3 – Internet statistics – 2013
  • Table 4 – Mobile statistics – 2013
  • Table 5 – National telecommunications authority
  • Table 6 – Evolution of GDP in the Cook Islands – 2009 - 2011
  • Table 7 – Fixed lines in service and teledensity – 1995 - 2014
  • Exhibit 1 – Telecom Cook Islands at a glance
  • Exhibit 2 – Brief overview of internet expansion in Niue
  • Exhibit 3 – Overview of One Laptop Per Child program in the South Pacific Islands – 2010

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