Australia - Submission for the Senate Select Committee on the NBN - March 2014


In this submission I would first of all like to address overall government policies in relation to the NBN, or more preciously the lack of such policies.

Secondly with the NBN well and truly underway there are a number of issues that have been discussed by the government both before and after the elections which if acted upon along the lines as they have been foreshadowed could undermine the overall viability if the project.

In general it is disappointing to see the government harking back and continuously putting the NBN project in a bad spotlight rather than to get on with the job, promote it as a positive nation building activity and to built on the many positives that the project has to offer both to the Australian economy and the Australian society.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Comments on the development of the NBN under the new government
    • 2.1 Urgent need for leadership in Government policies
    • 2.2 Where is the Government’s economic plan for the post-manufacturing era?
    • 2.3 Healthcare, education, government services can be used as spearheads to create NBN benefits
    • 2.4 Devaluation of labour leads to lower wages
    • 2.5 NBN debate continues in a policy vacuum
  • 3. Other NBN issues
    • 3.1 The delicate nature of a wholesale-only model
    • 3.2 Structural separation allows for wholesale-only model
    • 3.3 No demand for fibre-based services?
    • 3.4 National digital productivity
    • 3.5 The NBN will always remain in Beta

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Last updated 12 Mar 2014
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Analyst: Paul Budde

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