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While no city can claim to be the leader in the smart city movement there are thousands of examples in the leading cities around the world, and increasingly in Australia also, that have very impressive scores on the board. The fact that most leading cities are now finally developing strategic smart city plans – or at least economically viable smart city projects – indicates that this is not just another blue sky story, but a solid business reality.

There is now also more federal and state government focus on the need for cities to become smarter in order to improve lifestyle, drive job growth (especially in new emerging small businesses) and, equally important – as is the case in all digital transformation processes – to take unnecessary costs out of the city economy. The big question, however, is who is going to fund these city transformations.

This report provides an overview of the key smart city developments around Australia. Most are city-driven but we also see a few case studies driven by state governments. Some are project-driven and the first ones are now arriving at a more strategic stage.

Key Developments:

Smart cities, smart communities, smart buildings, connected communities, gigabyte households, M2M, drones, IoT, big data, data centres, cloud computing, NBN, smart grids, broadband, smart meters, smart homes.

Organisations mentioned in this report

Councils - Adelaide, Ballarat, Canberra, Brisbane, Geelong, Ipswich, Kangaroo Island, Melbourne, Parramatta, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney. State Governments - NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria. Companies - Accenture, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, MIMP, NBN, Optus, Telstra, Transfield.

Table of Contents

  • Cities

    • Adelaide
      • Smart City Pilots
      • Gigcity Adelaide
      • Ten Gigabit City
      • WiFi network basis for innovation hub
    • Ballarat
    • Brisbane
    • Canberra
    • Geelong
      • Smart cameras
      • Smart lighting
      • Our Future
    • Ipswich
      • Introduction
      • Launch of the Smart City Plan
    • Kangaroo Island
    • Lake Macquarie City Council
    • Launceston
    • Logan City
    • Melbourne
      • Smart city vision
      • Affordable housing
    • Newcastle
    • Parramatta
    • City of Perth
      • Local innovation
      • Public WiFi
    • City of Prospect
    • Sunshine Coast Council
    • Sydney
      • Sydney on the Global Network Society Index
      • Social score
      • Economy score
      • Environment score
      • ICT Infrastructure score
      • ICT Affordability score
      • ICT usage score
      • The Western Sydney City Deal
      • Greater Sydney Commission
    • Townsville
    • Whittlesea
    • Wollongong
  • State initiatives

    • NSW - Drones as building inspectors
    • NSW - Smart Work Hubs
    • New England North West (NSW) Regional Plan
    • Queensland - Smart water infrastructure
    • SE Queensland Smart streetlights (and more)
    • South Australia - Drones to monitor the dingo fence
    • Victoria - Drones to inspect sewage
      • Melbourne Water
      • South East water Victoria
    • Western Australian (Smart Beach)
  • Initiatives of the telcos

    • NBN company
      • Introduction
      • Access for smart utility services
      • Infrastructure Co-Development Program
      • Projects and Developments
      • Connected home market
    • Optus creates a smart city showcase
  • Research and Development

    • Future Cities Collaborative
  • Australia - M2M and The Internet of Things (separate report)

  • Australia – Big Data (separate report)

  • Smart Transport, Smart Cars (separate report)

  • Other Reports:

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1 - Maroochydore’s smart city centre and the NBN

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