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In March 2005 Communications Minister, Helen Coonan, put forward her plans for a regulatory overhaul, prior to the further privatisation of Telstra. These plans contain some good elements – strategies that will promote progress. However, we have seen many sound plans in the past, and the devil is, as always, in the detail. Only when an enforceable implementation plan is generated, with measurable outcomes, will we see any real progress. Without this it will be just another whitewash, leaving us even further back on the information highway. However, the debate inevitably comes back to structural separation.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Key issues
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. Recommendations
  • 5. Lessons from Britain
    • 5.1 Good vibes travelling to Australia from BT
    • 5.2 Progress in LLU
    • 5.3 Separation makes good business sense
    • 5.4 Minister is holding her ground
  • 6. Very little regulatory reform
  • 7. Ofcom decision boosts pro-competition camp in Australia
  • 8. Regulations on hold during T3
  • 9. Competition
  • 10. Are the powers of the ACCC sufficient?
  • 11. Operational separation
    • 11.1 A Telstra-driven operational separation?
    • 11.2 Operational separation – how it can be done
  • 12. Regional telecommunications
    • 12.1 Future-proofing
    • 12.2 HiBIS - a good example for further developments
    • 12.3 Competition remains fragile
    • 12.4 Regional mobile
    • 12.5 ‘Up to scratch’
    • 12.6 T3 thumbs down from National Farmers’ Federation
  • 13. Infrastructure issues
    • 13.1 Contradictory policies?
    • 13.2 Infrastructure-based competition
    • 13.3 Government-guided infrastructure utility developments
    • 13.4 How will the Minister convince Telstra to cooperate?
    • 13.5 Barking up the wrong tree?
    • 13.6 FttH – the end of infrastructure-based competition
    • 13.7 Dumping the risks on states and local governments
    • 13.8 Open networks
    • 13.9 How to make progress in the regions?
  • 14. Summary and conclusion
  • 15. Related reports
  • Exhibit 1 – Future-proofing Australia – measurable outcome

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As usual, you’ve done a splendid job of bringing an industry well and truly into the spotlight.

I think that without your input and passion, Australia would have barely scratched the surface of the benefits that can and will be achieved with the wholesale adoption of Smart Grid and Smart City concepts.


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