Australia - National Broadband Plan Version 1 - Analysis early 2009


Australia is one of the leading countries to recognise the social and economic benefits of broadband infrastructure. The government is even committed to a major investment to ensure that these benefits are spread evenly throughout the country and the community. However, without a genuine participation from Telstra in the execution of this plan any such investment would be wasted. The major problem lies in Telstra’s refuses to participate in a process that would lead to a proper national solution. Instead it has opted for a highly focused and successful campaign to delay any new form of competition. This is buying the incumbent time to better prepare for the changing environment. Without firm government action the currently announced delays in the NBN process will become enduring, dragging on till 2010, and with no incentive for Telstra to change its current behaviour, this could easily derail one of the government’s key election promises.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Government policies beyond the NBN
  • 3. The NBN – industry opportunities
  • 4. Expect NBN delays to drag on till 2010
    • 4.1 More carnage amongst the competition
    • 4.2 Industry in limbo
    • 4.3 Industry position is very clear
    • 4.4 Missing: clear government policies
    • 4.5 What is the solution?
    • 4.6 Regional Australia is missing out
    • 4.7 Nation-building opportunities
  • 5. Australia applauded for its broadband vision
  • 6. Australia strongly criticised for its execution
  • 7. Telstra is executing a focused and well-considered plan
  • 8. More than one way to skin the cat
  • 9. Self-regulation favours Telstra
  • 10. Only one way forward – structural separation
  • 11. Related reports

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Last updated 16 Dec 2008
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Analyst: Paul Budde

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