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A number of retail service providers (RSPs) are accredited by NBN Co to pilot projects as well as deploy services as part of the NBN rollout program. Given that NBN Co is a wholesale operator, end-users depend upon the RSPs for products and services.

Affordable price is the key to a successful uptake of these services delivered over the NBN. Entry level 12/1Mb/s services are available for as low as $29.95 and for an extra $10 a telephone service can be added. Video streaming services such as IPTV are add-ons generally priced at $10. Voice only services are around $25 per month. Compared with similar services available over the current telecoms networks these offerings are most competitive. Over the longer term this should easily lead to a more than 70% commercial uptake.

In this report we provide an overview of the products on offer by the retail service providers as well as forecasts for household penetration of NBN uptake over the years 2015 and 2020.

Key developments:

Early pricing for NBN plans by retail service providers, plans and speeds pricing variers as bundled options are added, MyNetFone acquires Spark’s international wholesale voice business.

Companied covered in this report include:

NBN Co, AARNet, Exetel, iiNet, Internode, iPrimus; Nextgen, Optus, M2, Commander, Telstra, Vodafone, Telcoinabox, AusBBS, Devoted, Engin, MyNetFone, NEC, Australia Post

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. NBN Co's multi-technology mix products set for 2015
  • 3. Retail trends and developments
    • 3.1 Overview of key developments
    • 3.2 Second wave of RSPs now coming online
    • 3.3 Services for medium-sized businesses
  • 4. NBN Penetration Forecasts
  • 5. RSP Products and Prices
    • 5.1 Introduction
    • 5.2 AusBBS PAYG NBN pricing
    • 5.3 Devoted - Victoria
    • 5.4 engin and Nextgen NBN VoIP partnership
    • 5.5 Exetel
    • 5.6 iiNet
      • 5.6.1 Entry level services
      • 5.6.2 Business bundle plans
      • 5.6.3 Multicast IPTV over the NBN
      • 5.6.4 Services under the Internode brand
    • 5.7 Commander (M2)
    • 5.8 MyNetFone
    • 5.9 NEC plans NBN services
    • 5.10 Optus
      • 5.10.1 Overview
      • 5.10.2 Plans available from Optus
    • 5.11 Primus
      • 5.11.1 Overview
      • 5.11.2 Primus and NBNCo test VOIP service
      • 5.11.3 iPrimus NBN pricing plans
    • 5.12 Telstra
    • 5.13 NBN plans won’t cost more than today’s broadband
  • 6. Other developments
    • 6.1 Australia Post
    • 6.2 AARNet and the NBN
    • 6.3 Telcoinabox
    • 6.4 Vodafone and the NBN
  • 7. Telstra to trial copper-fibre transfer
  • 8. Test tools for retail providers
  • 9. Related reports
  • Table 1 – Scenario forecasts of household penetration from NBN uptake– 2015; 2020
  • Table 2 – Overview of NBN fibre plans by selected provider – 2013
  • Table 3 – Overview of Commander (M2) NBN business fibre plans

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