Australia - National Broadband Network - NBN Co - 2009-2013 (historic)


NBN Co was launched in August 2009 NBN Co as a government business enterprise (GBE), wholly owned by the Commonwealth of Australia. It is overseen by ‘shareholder ministers’ – the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and the Minister of Finance and Deregulation.

The purpose of the company is to build a nationwide, wholesale-only, high-speed, open broadband network. Since its inception it has been selecting technology and designing the network and systems, as well as developing a wholesale product offering.

In its original plan under the previous government, the company would connect 93% of homes, schools and workplaces to an optical fibre network (fibre-to-the-premises – FttP), providing high-speed broadband services to Australians in urban and regional towns. The remaining 7% of premises will be connected to an LTE-based fixed wireless network, and this includes the very remote ones who will be linked to a satellite network.

With the arrival of a new government the original plan will be replaced by what they call an ‘Optimised Multi-Technology Mix’. While details of this plan are slowly emerging it won’t be until later on in 2014 before the extend of the changes are becoming g clear.

This report also provides financial and operational information regarding NBN Co's corporate plan, including forecasts covering the three years from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2013. The plan outlines the original plans for the competitive pricing for wholesale broadband, including a basic service offering with a uniform national wholesale access price.

Further developments of the company under its changed direction are updated in a separate report: Australia - National Broadband Network - NBN Co 2.0

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. National Broadband Network Corporation (NBN Co)
    • 2.1 An infrastructure company
    • 2.2 The role of NBN Co
    • 2.3 Governance and management of NBN Co - Analysis
  • 3. NBN Co Corporate Plan 2012-15
    • 3.1 Long-term financial data on the investment
    • 3.2 Operating costs
    • 3.3 Effects on revenue
    • 3.4 Analysis
  • 4. Shareholders Report - 2012
  • 5. NBN Co Corporate plan – 2010 - Historic
    • 5.1 Key highlights
    • 5.2 Pricing and market assumptions
    • 5.3 Product offerings
  • 6. Analysis of the company and its activities
    • 6.1 Major credibility issues for NBN Co
    • 6.2 NBN Co – a company under stress
    • 6.3 Can NBN Co do the job?
    • 6.4 NBN Co’s position needs to be clarified
    • 6.5 NBN Co’s trans-sector role questioned
  • 7. Related reports

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As usual, you’ve done a splendid job of bringing an industry well and truly into the spotlight.

I think that without your input and passion, Australia would have barely scratched the surface of the benefits that can and will be achieved with the wholesale adoption of Smart Grid and Smart City concepts.


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