Australia - National Broadband Network - Infrastructure Analyses


The report provides background analysis on various infrastructure issues. First, it gives some high-level strategic analysis of the NBN as national infrastructure, as distinct from just telecoms infrastructure. It covers principles such as open networks and the impact this has on infrastructure affordability.

It also addresses the issues that it will need to consider as national infrastructure – the specific requirements of other sectors such as energy (smart grids), healthcare (e-health) and digital media.

Furthermore it provides background analysis of the various forms of infrastructure that will be employed in the NBN and how this will be different from the existing infrastructure. It explains basic infrastructure, the role of copper in the transitional period, fibre networks and the specific opportunities this brings to the market, both in metro and rural areas; plus the various issues in relation to wireless infrastructure, including satellites.

With a new government changes to the infrastructure plans are envisaged with a greater emphasis on FttN. In the respect this report also looks at the various issues surrounding VDSL and vectoring.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Video explosion pushing fixed broadband
  • 3. VDSL infrastructure analysis
    • 3.1 Communications Alliance: Changes needed to Vectored VDSL2
    • 3.2 VDSL consideration for FttN roll outs
    • 3.3 VDSL an interim solution
    • 3.4 FTTN modelling results
    • 3.5 The aesthetics of the cabinets
    • 3.6 Reliability and performance of the cabinets
    • 3.7 Issues in relation to savings coming from sharing infrastructure
    • 3.8 The risk of short-circuiting
  • 4. Fibre-to-the-Distribution-Point (FTTdp)
  • 5. How safe is FttP?
  • 6. NBN construction problems
  • 7. NBN could slash telecoms maintenance costs
  • 8. Strategic Analysis
    • 8.1 After the storm – do we need a national inquiry in the reliability of our telecoms networks?
    • 8.2 Wasting time on facilities-based competition discussions
    • 8.3 Computer transactions, not people, are driving the need for all-fibre networks
    • 8.4 Infrastructure investments are coming under threat
    • 8.5 NBN – telecoms or digital infrastructure – a SAU question
    • 8.6 Regional vs national broadband networks
    • 8.7 Open network = innovation and affordability
    • 8.8 Collaborative Services Network concept
    • 8.9 Mobile broadband boom the killer app FttP
    • 8.10 Infrastructure Co-Development Program
    • 8.11 Pilbara – Another lost NBN opportunity
  • 9. Can we afford not to have a fibre optic infrastructure?
  • 10. Mapping the broadband problems in Australia
  • 11. Australia’s high international broadband costs
  • 12. Infrastructure backgrounder
    • 12.1 Basic infrastructure
    • 12.2 The copper network
    • 12.3 FttP infrastructure
      • 12.3.1 FttP opportunities
      • 12.3.2 Rural fibre
      • 12.3.3 Fiber innovations
    • 12.4 Fixed Wireless and Satellite Networks (Separate Report)
  • 13. Related reports
  • Table 1 – Capex and Opex savings for different network sharing deployment models
  • Exhibit 1 – Can grid power keep the internet alive?

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