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Healthcare is starting to shape up as a major driving force for the NBN.

If we truly want to see benefits for our society from the NBN, healthcare would be the key sector to look at.

On the other side of the coin, the healthcare reforms that will push e-health to people in their homes depend, to a large extent, on the national coverage afforded by the NBN.

BuddeComm estimates that in a fully-deployed NBN, a quarter of all the services over the network will be healthcare-related, in a combination of public and private services. So e-health over the NBN will open up an entire new e-health industry. We have already seen both Telstra and NEC sign lucrative deals with healthcare organisations for the development of e-health services, once the first of a set of healthcare reform policies were implemented.

With a far more open access model, private healthcare services will proliferate over the new broadband network. E-health will transform the industry, changing the focus of the sector from the hospital to the home.

With the uncertainty of the NBN under the new government, the future of some of these projects will also be uncertain. Furthermore, the delays in the roll out of the NBN have also resulted in delays for many of the project listed in this report.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. E-health in the context of BuddeComm research
  • 3. E-health – Killer App on the NBN
    • 3.1 The NBN and healthcare – depending on each other
    • 3.2 Healthcare to pay off National Broadband Network
    • 3.3 Health video consultancy covered by Medicare
    • 3.4 Broadband supported ICT key to e-health
    • 3.5 Broadband-based healthcare solutions
    • 3.6 Transport saving
    • 3.7 Market led by an enabling government
    • 3.8 From pilots and project to national implementation
    • 3.9 NBN health care aims
  • 4. NBN based e-health projects
    • 4.1 Government’s e-health – NBN policies
    • 4.2 E-health Neuroscience projects
    • 4.3 Broadband enabling better chronic disease management
    • 4.4 Disability support services available to remote Australia via the NBN
    • 4.5 Telehealth for people living with cancer and those requiring palliative care
    • 4.6 High-definition videoconferencing pilot program
    • 4.7 NBN-enabled telehealth pilots program
    • 4.8 TelehealthNT
    • 4.9 e-Mental Health Strategy
      • 4.9.1 Mental healthcare project in South Australia
    • 4.10 Telehealth used by nurses
    • 4.11 New rural medical training facility linked to the NBN
    • 4.12 Digital Regional Initiative NBN trials
      • 4.12.1 NSW telehealth trials – 2011
      • 4.12.2 Townsville telehealth diabetes home monitoring – 2012
  • 5. E-health – key to the success of NBN – analysis
    • 5.1 Support collaborative services concept
    • 5.2 Patients will have a central role
    • 5.3 Intelligent personalised e-health
    • 5.4 Accountability and transparency
    • 5.5 Quality and capacity of the NBN
    • 5.6 Business opportunities for e-hospitals
  • 6. E-health (separate report – pilots and projects)
  • 7. E-health (separate report – Overview Stats and Analysis)
  • 8. E-health (separate report on global developments)
  • 9. Other reports
  • Table 1 – Estimated cost of diabetes in the community – 2002; 2032

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