Australia - National Broadband Network - Critical Considerations


The new broadband plan offers unprecedented opportunities for Australia. Not just in relation to telecommunications, broadband and the Internet but also for a range of new applications, most of which we can’t even envisage as this point in time. This report addresses the enormous opportunities that this infrastructure - as a utility - has to offer and also addresses at a high level the essential issues that need to be addressed. A critical issue is that it needs to be judged as the infrastructure for the digital economy. To simply see this as an upgrade to ADSL broadband would be a grave mistake. This report is complemented with comments from both the Digital Economy Industry Working Group and our International (Obama Team) Big Think Strategies Group.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. The National FttH Broadband Network (separate Report)
  • 3. NBN Co bringing us to the next stage - September 2009
    • 3.1 Trans-sector approach now well-accepted
    • 3.2 The role of NBN Co
  • 4. Governance and Management of the NBN/NBC
  • 5. Regulations - critical considerations
    • 5.1 Learning form other models
    • 5.2 New regulations
  • 6. Wholesale
    • 6.1 Robust regime based on previous experiences
    • 6.2 What about existing FttH users?
  • 7. Technology critical consideration
  • 8. Basic infrastructure
  • 9. Co-development of the Digital Economy
  • 10. Strategic differences of an NBN
  • 11. NBN debate needs to be broadened
  • 12. Comments from International experts
    • 12.1 Introduction
    • 12.2 Key applications include:
      • 12.2.1 Comment on ‘meatspace’ (1)
      • 12.2.2 Comment on ‘meatspace’ (2)
    • 12.3 Preparing new business models
    • 12.4 People issues
    • 12.5 Regulations
    • 12.6 Ideas for FttH applications
      • 12.6.1 Metering
      • 12.6.2 Remote sensing
      • 12.6.3 Wireless Access Points
      • 12.6.4 Fire fighting
    • 12.7 E-Health
    • 12.8 Education - what will they do for the economy?
    • 12.9 Remote diagnostics
    • 12.10 Unserved areas
    • 12.11 Trans-sector
    • 12.12 FttH Infrastructure
    • 12.13 FttH opportunities
  • 13. Related Reports
    • 13.1 from DEIWG
    • 13.2 USA – reports produced for the Obama Transition Team
    • 13.3 Other Papers

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As you know, I have resigned from the Labor Ministry and have decided not to re-contest the seat of Charlton at the next election – both for personal reasons.

Before leaving Parliament, I particularly wish to record my thanks to you for your generous and constructive participation in the deliberations that generated significant economic policy reforms for the Australian community. Continuous economic transformation is a key challenge that faces all Governments.

The development of sound public policy should always be contestable. Ultimately, good and equitable outcomes are not concessions to any particular interest group, but the careful balancing of interests to create the greatest possible benefit for the nation. You have contributed to that, and I sincerely thank you for it.

Greg Combet, Former Minister for Climate Change, Industry and Innovation

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