Australia - National Broadband Network - Coalition Policies while in Opposition 2007-2013


The Liberal and National Parties who were elected as the Coalition Government in September 2013 have come a very long way on their NBN policies. After the NBN was announced by the previous government their initial message – when in opposition was – we will kill the NBN.

However, once Malcolm Turnbull became toe shadow minister for broadband a very slow process started that saw a more nuanced approach towards the NBN. It still took several years until the first changes started to appear – in 2012 – indicating that the Opposition, once elected, would continue in one way or another with the project. Over the following year their policy was further sharpened and brought it more in line with the one that was developed during 2007-2009.

There were still several outstanding issues before the election, but BuddeComm concluded that with the insights that were shown by Mr Turnbull and his team that there was a good chance that further adjustments to the policy document – which they launched this in Opposition in April 2013 – would be forthcoming, once they were elected.

This indeed was the case when the new government made its first statement on the NBN, a couple of weeks after the election. This certainly opens up the opportunity to maintain as much as possible of the original plan as long as NBN Co – now in a significant less politicised environment - can adjust their plans that will see a reduction in costs and a speeding up of the roll out.

Further developments including the Coalition initial statement on the NBN as was announced after the elections are continued in the report: Australia - National Broadband Network - Policies and Regulations.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. The Coalition’s NBN Plan
    • 2.1 Policy announcement April 2013
    • 2.2 Opposition’s NBN plan needs some further work - Analysis
    • 2.3 Why does the Opposition want an NBN?
  • 3. Analyses leading up to the policy announcement
    • 3.1 The Coalition’s NBN plan is starting to look interesting
    • 3.2 The need for vision and policy
    • 3.3 NBN Co’s delays so far
    • 3.4 Global Slowing investments in fibre
    • 3.5 We should compare ourselves with the best
    • 3.6 Killer applications
    • 3.7 Connected TVs
  • 4. The costs of the NBN
  • 5. FttH and HFC solutions
  • 6. In-house connections
  • 7. Ongoing finetuning
    • 7.1 Wholesale issues
  • 8. Greenfield telcos
  • 9. A different NBN?
  • 10. Questions and assumptions
  • 11. Conclusion
  • 12. Other Reports
  • Exhibit 1 - Key points of the Coalition’s NBN Plan

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