Australia - Internet of Things (IoT) Market


With the move towards 5G well and truly underway it is important to look at what will be the value of IoT infrastructure to the development of a network that will be dominated by sensors and devices.

The infrastructure that is now being built offers a range of features such as ubiquitousness, affordability, low latency, high speed and high capacity. It will link millions of devices, such as sensors, that will enable us to manage our environment, traffic, infrastructures, and our society as a whole much more efficiently and effectively.

The ‘Internet of Things’ (referring more to personal devices such as wearables and smartphones) and M2M (referring to a more industrial use based on sensors) are starting to become real game-changers. They will transform every single sector of society and the economy and it will be out of this environment that new businesses – and indeed new industries – will be born. 5G will take a leadership role in the development of M2M but the NBN is also a key infrastructure element as more and applications will require high quality video. These developments are closely linked to big data, data analytics, cloud computing and data centres and these elements all play a fundamental role in the success of this new infrastructure.

The number of Internet of Things connections on cellular networks will grow nearly five times over the next decade to 2027, driven by the automotive, utility and the security verticals.

Other high growth sectors to 2025, are likely to include smart home technologies, airport facilities automation, electric vehicle charging and in-store contextual marketing.

The home market will be a new battleground for telecommunications companies, retailers, energy suppliers, insurance companies and category specialists.

Companies covered in this report:

Optus, Telstra, IBM, Vodafone, CSIRO, Jasper, Bechtel, UniSA, Cobra, ARTC, Sydney Water, Sense-T.

Key Developments

  • The Australian home Internet of Things market grew by over 50% in 2017 - 2018
  • Telstra enters into a Smart City partnership with the Tasmanian State Government.
  • The Victorian state government announces a fund for digital agricultural projects.
  • Telstra turns on the first precinct of 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotspots in the world.

    Hot topics

Internet of Things, IoT, M2M, sensors network, smart grids, smart factories, NBN, smart cities, business opportunities, sector transformation.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Market and Industry Analyses
    • 2.1 Analysis of the market
    • 2.2 IoT transforming product-based economies to ones based on services
    • 2.3 M2M hype and reality
    • 2.4 Who will dominate the IoT market?
  • 3. Market Statistics and Surveys – Asia and Global
    • 3.1 Global IoT spend study
    • 3.2 IoT Forecast to 2025
    • 3.3 2017 Asian Governments Investment in IoT
    • 3.4 Asian Business Study
    • 3.5 Global Study – Market Size of IoT
  • 4. Market Statistics and Surveys – Australia
    • 4.1 Australian IoT Market 2018
    • 4.2 IoT Market Trends and Forecast to 2020
    • 4.3 Market Studies on IoT - 2017
    • 4.4 Home market for IoT
    • 4.5 Size of Global IoT Market for Mobile Operators
    • 4.6 IoT forecast to 2021
    • 4.7 Market Studies on IoT - 2016
    • 4.8 Telcos and Technology Firms the Top Spenders IoT sector
  • 5. Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Networks
    • 5.1 Infrastructure for the IoT and M2M world
    • 5.2 Telstra
    • 5.3 SIGFOX - Thinxtra
  • 6. Electricity companies and the M2M
    • 6.1 Largest market segment
    • 6.2 Data analytics solutions for Smart Grids
  • 7. Smart Factory – Industry 4.0
  • 8. Selected Smart Projects
    • 8.1 Small Satellite Project
    • 8.2 IoT network - Tasmania
    • 8.3 Smart Cities – Tasmania
    • 8.4 Digital Agriculture Projects – Victoria
    • 8.5 Logistics
    • 8.6 South East Water – Victoria
    • 8.7 Australian Rail Track Corporation
    • 8.8 National Narrowband Network
    • 8.9 Melbourne’s trees are online
    • 8.10 Sydney Harbour Bridge – M2M monitoring
    • 8.11 Sydney Water
    • 8.12 RFID Materials management on massive scale
    • 8.13 Vehicle tracking
    • 8.14 UniSA satellite system
    • 8.15 SenSA
    • 8.16 Smart Water
    • 8.17 Optus
      • 8.17.1 M2M offering
      • 8.17.2 Partnership with Kore Wireless and Jasper Wireless
    • 8.18 Telstra
      • 8.18.1 5G Innovation Centre and 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotspots
      • 8.18.2 Narrowband IoT
      • 8.18.3 Smart Homes
      • 8.18.4 Telstra’s Cat 1 LTE IoT network
      • 8.18.5 M2M strategy with Komatsu
      • 8.18.6 Gurrowa Innovation Lab
    • 8.19 Vodafone
      • 8.19.1 Key offerings
      • 8.19.2 Insights on M2M from Vodafone
    • 8.20 Sense-T
      • 8.20.1 Intelligent sensor network
      • 8.20.2 Developing the sensor network
      • 8.20.3 Aquaculture optimisation project
      • 8.20.4 Sense-T Stage 2
      • Table 1 – Historic - Telstra M2M connections
      • Table 2 – Historic - Telstra M2M revenue growth
      • Exhibit 1 - Weightless SIG
      • Exhibit 2 – Design principles of industry 4.0

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