Australia - International Analyses relevant to Australia - 2014


This report contains a range of analyses on key developments in the international markets, written by our senior analysts. They have been selected for their relevance to the developments in Australia, or their impact on the overall international developments in the mobile and fixed broadband, digital economy and telecommunications markets in general.

As overseas examples are often mentioned by Australian politicians it is also important to be aware of what is actually happening in these countries and what is not – and also, importantly, what is selective reporting or outright hype?

Furthermore, the telecoms market is unique in the sense that developments elsewhere have a direct effect on developments in other parts of the world. Also the technology is the same everywhere so innovations and trends in other parts of the globe are transportable to Australia and the other way around.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. The changing roles of telecom operators and content providers
  • 3. Telcos will need to lift their game on infrastructure
  • 4. The demand and supply imbalance in telecoms
  • 5. Market-led demand for FttH is picking up
  • 6. Hanze, Silk Route and Gigabit Cities
  • 7. Let American telcos and cablecos merge – but declare infrastructure a utility
  • 8. Telecoms Investments
    • 8.1 Telecoms still not seen as good infrastructure investment
    • 8.2 Positive outlook for investments in backbones
  • 9. UK – Fast broadband services influencing home-buying
  • 10. Companies and governments get a bad rap
  • 11. The battle to capture skilled expertise for deep learning efforts
  • 12. Mobile Communications
    • 12.1 Mobiles moving into fixed networks
    • 12.2 A keen interest in VoLTE developing around the world
    • 12.3 Mobile sector driving telecoms growth and OTT is the new normal
  • 13. Mobile broadband – the key growth area for global telecoms industry
  • 14. WiFi networks are taking off around the globe
  • 15. Online advertising – four key sectors
  • 16. Digital developments continue to direct the future of entertainment
  • 17. Disruption – so what is next?
  • 18. The disruptive e-healthcare market has arrived!
  • 19. Education system will hit economic crisis point
    • 19.1 Economic costs will force the system to change
    • 19.2 Governments will be forced to stop costs spiralling out of control
  • 20. The fickle nature of social networks – Twitters turn to feel the heat
  • 21. Whatsapp and Permission Based Marketing
  • 22. Improving customer analytics with subscriber data management
  • 23. Scandals, Muck, Fear and Sensation vs. Quality News
    • 23.1 Quality news moves to the internet
    • 23.2 Further decline is envisaged
  • 24. Shared and integrated ICT essential to achieve the sustainable development goals
    • 24.1 Grassroots proof of success
    • 24.2 Lack of strategic leadership
    • 24.3 Death by pilots
    • 24.4 How to move forward
  • 25. Related Reports

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Last updated 30 Jun 2014
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Analyst: Paul Budde

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Paul, Many thanks for your inputs yesterday. You provided a compelling different perspective to our traditional infrastructure focus and this is valuable for our future planning. I also had very favourable feedback from our participants on your involvement.

Stephen Negus, Aurecon

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