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This report contains a range of analyses on key developments in the international markets, written by our senior analysts. They have been selected for their relevance to the developments in Australia, or their impact on the overall international developments in the mobile and fixed broadband, digital economy and telecommunications markets in general.

As overseas examples are often mentioned by Australian politicians it is also important to be aware of what is actually happening in these countries and what is not – and also, importantly, what is selective reporting or outright hype.

We start with a brief global analysis and then move into the American, European, New Zealand, Asian and, the hottest but perhaps less relevant market to Australia, Africa – which has nevertheless attracted the greatest attention from investors around the globe, including some from Australia.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. The global telecoms market in 2013
  • 3. FttH – awesome – but what is its purpose?
  • 4. Analyses of key trends and developments in America
    • 4.1 America closing down its copper network – so what’s next?
    • 4.2 Broadband – the American way
    • 4.3 Tom Wheeler – new FCC Chairman
    • 4.4 US fibre projects: go-aheads omit the major telcos
    • 4.5 Impressive LTE deployments masking fixed-line broadband crisis in USA
      • 4.5.1 Mobile market overview
      • 4.5.2 Broadband market overview
    • 4.6 New WiFi spectrum developments
    • 4.7 Smart grid networks exploiting wireless broadband
  • 5. Analyses of key trends and developments in Europe
    • 5.1 Europe’s fibre infrastructure gaining pace through investment stimuli
    • 5.2 UK prepares for White Space spectrum trials
    • 5.3 Spanish joint-network investment in FttH seeing returns
    • 5.4 French government rekindles national FttH investment programme
    • 5.5 Telekom Deutschland expands WiFi capabilities with Fon
  • 6. Analyses of key trends and developments in New Zealand
    • 6.1 Ultra-Fast Broadband and the Regional Broadband Initiatives
    • 6.2 The mobile market
  • 7. Analyses of key trends and developments in ASIA
    • 7.1 Asia define massive presence in global mobile and broadband markets
    • 7.2 Fixed voice subscriber market declines - China leading the way.
    • 7.3 Singapore’s national broadband network roll-out reaches completion
    • 7.4 Data use keeps surging across fixed and mobile networks in S Korea
  • 8. LTE and FttX fuel data demand in Hong Kong
  • 9. The hottest market in the world is Africa
    • 9.1 Fibre networks sustaining growth in Internet and broadband sector
    • 9.2 Nigeria Africa’s largest telecom market
  • 10. Other reports
  • Table 1 – Top 10 fixed-line markets (ranked by penetration) - 2012

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After being away from the market for 6 years, I am glad to see that your site has been enriched with more reports and opinions. I’m looking forward to exploring what I used to consider as the best reliable source of information in the market.

Slim Saidi, Ph.D., University of Wollongong in Dubai

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