Australia - Industry - Competition Issues - Overview of Telstra Disputes


This report provides more historical information on the myriad of disputes Telstra has engaged in to protect its market position and delay effective competition. It follows on from the Australia – Industry – Competition Issues report. Many instances are presented here of Telstra frustrating the attempts of new entrants of gaining access and operating effectively with workable billing systems, and interconnection requirements. As well as overviewing the areas of dispute, this report presents an analysis of the state of competition, Telstra’s tactics, and the road ahead for the industry.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Minister in the firing line
  • 4. Precarious state of affairs
    • 4.1 Good old Aussie pork-barrelling
    • 4.2 New Telstra-Optus duopoly
    • 4.3 No innovations and competition
    • 4.4 Short-term political gains
    • 4.5 Why do we need broadband?
  • 5. At last - the T4 campaign
    • 5.1 The campaign
    • 5.2 Analysis and comments
  • 6. Back to the Dark Ages
  • 7. Austel’s example was not continued
  • 8. Telstra declares war on service providers
  • 9. Ongoing battles since 1986
  • 10. Court actions and competition notices
    • 10.1 Billing and customer service woes
    • 10.2 Service providers and the TIO
  • 11. The interconnection battles
    • 11.1 Network access
    • 11.2 PC report 1997
    • 11.3 Breakthrough for Optus
    • 11.4 Telstra still uncooperative
    • 11.5 Internet wholesale
    • 11.6 Mobile services
    • 11.7 Telstra’s undertakings
    • 11.8 ACCC declares data and local call services
  • 12. The shift to arbitration
  • 13. Actions not in Telstra’s long-term interest
  • 14. Secure market value at all cost
  • 15. Where to go from here?
  • Exhibit 2 – Key regulatory and policy issues, as BuddeComm see them

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Number of pages 12

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Last updated 9 Sep 2002
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Analyst: Paul Budde

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Dr Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General International Telecommunications Union (ITU) 2006-2014

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