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Last updated: 20 Apr 2015 Update History

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Analyst: Paul Budde


An increase in advertising spending on the mobile sector has followed greater smartphone penetration among users, with smartphones and tablets becoming the primary device for many consumers. Advertising spending in the online advertising market increased again in 2014 and is set to grow steadily in coming years as businesses and consumers interact in this marketplace.

The increase in online advertising comes as Australian businesses expand their presence online and aim to see local sales win over from sales made offshore.

The increased use of video advertising and video viewing also continued in 2014, and will grow consistently for the next five or so years according to industry trends.

In this report we provide an overview of the Australian digital economy based on the online advertising market, with statistics, trends, forecasts, estimates and analysis in tabular, text and easy-to-read chart formats covering a wide cross-section of the sector.

Key developments:

Online advertising, video-based advertising, email advertising, mobile advertising, hard-copy advertising still popular with readers, digital media, social networking, NBN; includes IAB report to June 2014.

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