Australia - Deregulation Process 1988 - 1997


This report charts the history of the deregulation of telecommunications markets between 1988-1997. It notes how Telecom Australia and OTC were merged into what became known as Telstra, and how Austel was created, and Optus entered the market in 1992 as the first competitor. The 1995 introduction of the Hilmer reforms is also covered here, touted as a major move towards greater competition. The mid-1990s saw much reviewing of the legislative framework, and Austel was folded and the ACCC created with specific telecommunications powers and responsibilities. The Telecommunications Act was brought more in line with the Trade Practices Act, and dispute resolution procedures were introduced..

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Deregulation process started in the late ‘80s
  • 3. From monoploy to duopoly
    • 3.1 Austel – first regulator
    • 3.2 ROSA review
    • 3.3 Deregulation of 1992
  • 4. Decision-making framework
    • 4.1 The Austel definition
    • 4.2 No place for non-infrastructure competitions
    • 4.3 DMF regime was too successful
  • 5. The ballot
    • 5.1 Disappointing results
    • 5.2 Statistical overviews
  • 6. Hilmer reforms in competition policies
  • 7. The Telecommunications Policy Review 1995-1996
    • 7.1 Preamble
    • 7.2 Review issues
    • 7.3 The governments response
    • 7.4 Changes to the act
    • 7.5 Changes after consultation
    • Table 1 – Ballot results – final
    • Table 2 – Ballot overview – 1997

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Last updated 23 Aug 2001
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Analyst: Paul Budde

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