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In the late 1990’s BuddeComm started talking about the great potential of Application Service Providers (ASPs) but, together with the data centres, they were dunked in the dotcom crisis. Even then we indicated that the concept was sound and that it had great potential.

Now 15 years later they are back, but this time under the name of cloud computing. This term describes the shift towards providing data processing, communications and software services to a customer’s location from a variety of different places. A key element of its current success are progress in software and broadband technologies and affordability.

The development of cloud computing takes the form of a business transition and company strategies and policies will need to be changed before its potential can be monetised by businesses. A key factor here is that organisations will have to lift ICT from the level of an infrastructure issue to that of a business opportunity. Cloud computing will need to be seen as a valuable business tool – one that will differentiate the company from others. In general it gets introduced as a cost saver before it moves into new opportunities, innovation and business transformation.

However, in order to successfully implement cloud computing far more robust infrastructure is required than what currently is available. The NBN will provides that robust infrastructure needed for high-speed information processing, distributed computing as well as many other applications that can be processed, analysed and managed – all in real time over a cloud computer based IT platform..

Security will be crucial and far more attention needs to be given to ensure that these new large-scale developments are properly protected. This is of national importance. So while cloud computing will have a golden future its implementation will be more gradual over a larger number of years.

Companies covered:

Telstra, Optus, Macquarie Telecom, MYOB, CSIRO, NBNCo, AARNet, CSIRO, NTT, Cisco, IBM, Unified Communications, NBN Co, DiData

Key Developments:

Internet of Things, M2M, sensors network, smart grids, information processing, NBN, Cloud Computing, smart cities, business opportunities, sector transformation, data centres, VAS, Unified communications, UC

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. New ICT platform
  • 4. Following the customers
  • 5. Market Statistics and Surveys
    • 5.1 Cloud communications market - 2015
    • 5.2 Cloud predictions for 2015
    • 5.3 Public cloud market set to grow 8.7% in Asia-Pacific
    • 5.4 Cloud contact market
    • 5.5 Cloud now ‘the engine for innovation’
    • 5.6 Cloud market report 2014
    • 5.7 Australian SMB cloud market worth $1.7b
    • 5.8 Public cloud infrastructure services - 2015
    • 5.9 Companies embrace the cloud
    • 5.10 Cloud revenue growth above IT spending
    • 5.11 Cloud Insights’ report
    • 5.12 Business processing outsourcing
  • 6. Government and cloud computing
    • 6.1 Coalition cloud policy
    • 6.2 Federal Government early adopter
    • 6.3 National cloud computing strategy
    • 6.4 Cloud rules for offshore storage of government data
    • 6.5 Supreme Court of Victoria in the cloud
    • 6.6 AARNet
      • 6.6.1 Box cloud content
      • 6.6.2 Cloud video partnership with Zoom
  • 7. Consumers and the cloud
    • 7.1 Most Australians already using the cloud
    • 7.2 Consumer security issues
    • 7.3 Code of conduct development for cloud consumers
  • 8. Trends and Developments
    • 8.1 Will broadcasting move to the cloud?
      • 8.1.1 High cost of infrastructure under review
      • 8.1.2 Nextgen and Sydney Teleport Services initiative
    • 8.2 Cloud services now mainstream
    • 8.3 Platform as a Service is taking off
    • 8.4 CSIRO and big data
    • 8.5 Classrooms in the cloud
    • 8.6 Unified Communications moving into the Cloud
  • 9. Business issues
    • 9.1 Australian businesses opting for mass market cloud services
    • 9.2 CIOs need to act on their cloudy good intentions
    • 9.3 Avoid silo approach
    • 9.4 How to manage and secure big data
    • 9.5 New Security Challenges for IT
    • 9.6 Cloud computing in the trans-sector context
    • 9.7 Cloud brokerage and other business opportunities
  • 10. Major Operators
    • 10.1 Overview of cloud service providers
    • 10.2 Optus launches cloud computing for businesses
    • 10.3 Telstra
      • 10.3.1 Australia's biggest cloud network
      • 10.3.2 $800 million investment
      • 10.3.3 Analysis of Telstra’s cloud coup (2011)
      • 10.3.4 Clayton cloud centre
      • 10.3.5 International cloud services
      • 10.3.6 The first results
      • 10.3.7 Acquisition of cloud company
      • 10.3.8 Box
      • 10.3.9 Telstra's 'Government Cloud'
    • 10.4 NBN Co
    • 10.5 Macquarie Telecom Enterprise Cloud
    • 10.6 NTT Com
    • 10.7 Dimension Data’s cloud offering for governments
  • 11. Cloud contact centres
    • 11.1 Call centre as a service
    • 11.2 Key players andf market statistics
  • 12. M2M and The Internet of Things - separate report
  • 13. Data Centres - separate report
  • 14. Big Data – Separate Report
  • 15. Other Reports
  • Table 3 - Government Cloud Computing examples
  • Exhibit 1 - Cloud Principles
  • Exhibit 5 - Cloud service enterprise survey highlights form an Infonetics report

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