Australia - Broadband - Developments and Analysis 2003


Although some progress has been made the penetration gap between Australia and its major trading partners continues to widen. The report identifies factors such as the absence of significant infrastructure competition due to Telstra’s continuing dominance; price constraints; ongoing technical problems; the lack of flat rates and the complexity of broadband charges as being contributing causes of this disparity. It also deals with the problems encountered by potential competitors in deploying a full services network (FSN), plus the need for industry partnerships in the development of broadband..

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Broadband War
  • 3. The Broadband Economy
  • 4. Broadband delay is bad medicine
  • 5. Telstra yields to broadband critics
  • 6. Broadband pricing issues
  • 7. Broadband cross-ownership
  • 8. Broadband progress in Australia (July 2003)
  • 9. Telstra not playing fair: IDC
  • 10. Responses to Estens and BAG Reports
    • 10.1 Analysis of June 2003 developments
    • 10.2 States need to contribute
  • 11. TIO fails to address underlying user problems in broadband
  • 12. Analysis of market development (Update September-2003)
    • 12.1 Despite the odds, broadband is making progress
    • 12.2 The broadband cap oddity
    • 12.3 Not the end of the broadband crusade!
    • 12.4 Infrastructure remains an outstanding issue
    • 12.5 Missing link: competition
    • 12.6 Having said all of this…
  • 13. Related reports

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Broadband Fixed
Mobile & Wireless Broadband and Media
Strategies & Analyses (Industry & Markets)

Number of pages 10

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Last updated 28 Feb 2004
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Analyst: Lucia Bibolini

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