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Broadband is seen as being vital to both the economy and the community. We estimate that by 2015, it will add over $20 billion to the Australian economy – by organisations that will use broadband as a critical element in their business model; in the distribution of their services to their customers; and as a communication, electronic marketing and electronic production tool. It is also an important lifestyle-enhancer, providing the general population with easy access to information and services. New business models and partnerships need to be developed in order to profit from these economic opportunities.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Broadband a $70 billion industry in the making
  • 3. How to develop the broadband economy
    • 3.1 Multi-billion dollar economy at stake
    • 3.2 Silent changes
    • 3.3 History lesson in infrastructure
    • 3.4 Where are our leaders?
  • 4. Economic benefits (stats)
  • 5. National Strategy
    • 5.1 Broadband Connect (separate report)
    • 5.2 What happened with the BAG?
    • 5.3 National Broadband Strategy Implementation Group
    • 5.4 Victorian Government rejects National Broadband Strategy
    • 5.5 National Strategy avoids the key issues
    • 5.6 Nothing to be heard
  • 6. New partnerships models needed
    • 6.1 Wholesale Industry Group (separate report)
    • 6.2 FSN approach far too slow to respond to customer demand
    • 6.3 Triple play industry partnerships needed
    • 6.4 FttN – the need for industry cooperation
  • 7. Related reports
  • Exhibit 1 – Key role National Broadband Strategy Implementation Group

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