Australia - Analyses Telecoms Market - late 2014


The Australian telecoms market currently operates in a two-tiered fashion. By far the greatest attention of politicians and the media is focused on the national broadband market. Despite election promises, progress has been – as predicted by BuddeComm – slow. The specific analyses of the NBN are covered in a separate report.

The real market action in 2014 is again taking place in the mobile broadband market. Telstra has further strengthened its position as the clear leader. However, Optus and Vodafone – whose networks are now also ready for competition – have indicated that they will challenge Telstra and a price war is set to be unleashed in the mobile broadband market with all three players battling it out over their new 4G LTE infrastructure. Unless the two challengers are successful there is the looming threat of monopolistic tendencies in this market.

In the meantime, in many sectors the NBN is no longer the story. Instead it has created other, new stories in the various sections of our society and our economy, many of which are highlighted in this report.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Data retention policy
    • 2.1 More risks than gains?
    • 2.2 What is the aim of the proposed legislation?
    • 2.3 The internet tax
    • 2.4 Security risk could be higher than its gain
    • 2.5 Parochial thinking doesn’t solve the problem
  • 3. Telecoms – where will the money come from?
  • 4. Latest NBN Developments- November 2014
    • 4.1 Biggest threat to NBN is political panic
    • 4.2 FttP – Rest of the world is wrong but Australia is right?
    • 4.3 If people don’t need NBN speeds, what about their computers?
    • 4.4 Let’s get on with the NBN
  • 5. Where are the economic policies and strategies
    • 5.1 The world is passing Australia by
    • 5.2 Government misses out on developing a smart economy
    • 5.3 Lack of vision – politicians absorbed by costs of ageing economic models
    • 5.4 Where is the economic plan for the post-manufacturing era?
  • 6. Competition issues
    • 6.1 Can the competition take on Telstra?
    • 6.2 Where does all this leave the competition?
    • 6.3 So what is the future for the telcos?
    • 6.4 Competition in the telecoms industry is dwindling
  • 7. Digital Productivity Key to Transformation of Australian Economy
    • 7.1 Smart Societies based on Artificial Intelligence
    • 7.2 Sector and industry transformation
    • 7.3 Has the internet reached the ‘too big to fail’ stage?
    • 7.4 E-banking and M-banking
    • 7.5 Advertising and Marketing in the Digital Age
    • 7.6 Business Market – Trends and Statistics
    • 7.7 Online Retailing
    • 7.8 E-Health
    • 7.9 E-Education
    • 7.10 E-Government
  • 8. White Paper calls for National Telehealth Strategy
  • 9. E-education developments need to move faster
  • 10. Cloud services now mainstream
  • 11. Tablets and other smart devices clear winners in a fragmenting entertainment market
  • 12. The unstoppable move towards smart cities
    • 12.1 Customer-driven smart cities
    • 12.2 Economy-driven smart cities
    • 12.3 Society-driven smart cities
    • 12.4 Greenfields Opportunities
    • 12.5 Brownfields Challenges
  • 13. Smart Energy – Australian is right up with the international leaders
  • 14. Other Reports:

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