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The Australian telecommunications market is continuing to see consolidation, as traditional services are being further commoditised and digital media companies are offering new communication services, free or at significantly lower cost. Thanks to new video streaming services such as Netflix, and an increased use of mobile broadband for a range of applications, people’s use of broadband has increased; however a squeeze on margins of services such as broadband access doesn’t mean that such increased usage of telecommunications also accounts for any significant increases in industry revenues.

The industry will still need to further transform itself in order to be able to handle the dynamics of the market, which include lower margins, commoditisation, new technologies and competition from outside the traditional market. The new billion dollar companies in the digital media are light on assets and light on staff; and their business models are based on transactions facilitated by their software-based services and done in an automated way by the users of their assets, using algorithms, big data, cloud computing and datacentres

There are plenty of new opportunities in the market. Now that the quality of broadband access is improving – albeit still rather slowly – new markets are opening up in healthcare, education, government services, smart grids, smart cities, connected homes, wearable technologies, IoT and M2M – the list goes on. Telecommunications companies should take a leadership role in these developments but so far the key developments in these areas come from other organisations. Telstra is an exception here, with the leadership role it plays in the development of the e-health market in Australia.

For the time being, however, cost-cutting, consolidation and mergers will continue to dominate the telco industry. At the same time an ongoing barrage of innovations, new technologies, new apps and new services will shape the telecoms market. It is an extremely dynamic market with lots of twists and turns, set to continue into 2016 and beyond.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. General Analyses
    • 2.1 The Budget: good initiatives to assist the digital transformation
    • 2.2 How to better balance the Federal Budget?
    • 2.3 50 Year Anniversary of “Moore’s Law”: Optimism or Pessimism for the Future?
    • 2.4 Strategic scenario forecasting validated
  • 3. Aus Int Analyses relevant to Oz
    • 3.1 The big business model clash in Barcelona
    • 3.2 Let’s address inequality
  • 4. Mobile
    • 4.1 Is LTE going to impact on free Wi-Fi?
    • 4.2 What makes 5G special?
    • 4.3 Will telcos be able to harness the new business opportunities of 5G?
    • 4.4 Mobile Connect – Mobile ID
    • 4.5 Report from the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona
    • 4.6 What do customers want from mobile operators?
    • 4.7 Can mobile operators afford a mobile-only strategy?
    • 4.8 Data mining – the next driver of mobile revenue
  • 5. Broadband
    • 5.1 Broadband changing telco business model from retail to wholesale
    • 5.2 Low cost economy depends on ubiquitous affordable high speed broadband
    • 5.3 The next stage of the broadbanding of the world
    • 5.4 Downstream speeds vs upstream speeds
  • 6. Digital Transformation
    • 6.1 Government lags in digital leadership
    • 6.2 The effect of big data on the advertising industry
    • 6.3 Online advertising does not improve the overall result for advertisers
    • 6.4 Telstra leading the e-health market
      • 6.4.1 Healthcare in Australia
    • 6.5 Medieval education system hard to reform
    • 6.6 A different approach to employment
    • 6.7 Banks under e-pressure
  • 7. Digital Media
    • 7.1 Broadcasting sector adjusts to competition from OTT video services
    • 7.2 Competition is hotting up in Australian Video Entertainment market
    • 7.3 Slow Netflix
    • 7.4 Streaming threat to Pay TV
    • 7.5 E-books and human behaviour
    • 7.6 Is the IPTV market ready for consolidation?
    • 7.7 Content – the next regulatory war zone
    • 7.8 In the digital media revolution, consumer choice is the key
  • 8. Other Reports:

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