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The Thai telecom market is a complex commercial environment, with a mix of state-owned companies and private operators functioning under a wide variety of corporate and regulatory structures and interfaces. CAT Telecom is set to merge with its sister fixed line operator TOT to create a stronger business.

Penetration in the fixed line market in Thailand has been declining at a significant and increasing rate over the past five years. A major reason for this is due to the dominance of the mobile segment and the growth of mobile broadband segment. The market is predicted to further decline over the next five years to 2024 as both mobile and mobile broadband penetration continue to increase.

There is strong interest to establish Thailand as a data centre hub to serve the region. The size, capacity and spread of existing data centres in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) outside of Thailand is small compared with Thailand. Power stability is still a problem there to some extent, while the network performance and quality limited due to restricted fibre connectivity. This is restricting customers migrating to colocation or cloud services within data centres.

Thailand 4.0 vision has been developed from a realization that digital technologies can drive socio-economic development and economic growth of countries.

As a part of its Thailand 4.0 initiative the country had set itself the target of creating at least 100 smart cities within its borders over the next two decades.

Key developments:

  • A digital roadmap to achieve its "Thailand 4.0" vision has been developed.
  • The fixed line market remains underdeveloped and penetration has been declining over the past five years.
  • There is strong interest to establish Thailand as a data centre hub to serve the region.

Companies covered in this report include:

TOT Corp; CAT Telecom; True Corp; True Move; TT&T; AIS; DTAC; Thaicom, Triple T Broadband; AIS; DTAC;

Table of Contents

  • Key statistics

  • Country overview

    • Background and economy
  • Telecommunications market

    • Market overview and analysis
    • Regional Asian Market Comparison
    • Background
  • Regulatory environment

    • Historic overview
      • Telecommunications Act 2001
      • Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT)
    • Regulatory authority
      • National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)
      • National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)
      • Master Plans (including Frequency Allocation Master Plan)
  • Fixed network operators

    • Introduction
    • TOT Corp
    • True Corp
      • Overview
      • TrueOnline
    • Advance Information Services (AIS)
  • Telecommunications infrastructure

    • Fixed Line Subscribers and Market Forecast
    • Government Infrastructure Project
    • International infrastructure
      • Overview
      • Submarine cable networks
      • Satellite networks
  • Data Centres

    • Overview
    • Providers
      • CS LoxInfo
      • Inet
      • JasTel
      • Kirz
      • SuperNAP
      • TCC Technology
      • True IDC
    • Government Developments
      • Thailand’s internet gateway exchanges
  • Smart infrastructure

    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Smart cities
    • Smart grids
  • Related reports

List of Tables

  • Table 1– Top Level Country Statistics and Telco Authorities – 2019 (e)
  • Table 2– Historic - True’s fixed-line subscribers – 2004 – 2016
  • Table 3– Fixed Line Subscriptions and Penetration – 2009 – 2024
  • Table 4– Historic - Fixed lines and Penetration – 1995 – 2006
  • Table 5 –Inet - Data Centres
  • Table 6 – TCC Technology- Data Centres

List of Charts

  • Chart 1– Mobile, Mobile Broadband & Fixed Broadband Penetration – 2019; 2024
  • Chart 2 – Asian Telecoms Maturity Index by Market Category
  • Chart 3 – Asian Telecoms Maturity Index vs GDP per Capita
  • Chart 4 – Telecoms Maturity Index – South East Asia
  • Chart 5– Fixed Line Subscriptions and Penetration – 2009 – 2024

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1 – Key Market Characteristics by Market Segment
  • Exhibit 2 – South East Asia - Key Characteristics of Telecoms Markets by Country
  • Exhibit 3– Major Fixed Line and International Carriers by Market Segment
  • Exhibit 4– Submarine cable networks
  • Exhibit 5– Thaicom’s satellite network
  • Exhibit 6– International internet gateway operators in Thailand

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