Smart Grids - Global Overview & Trends


Archived report. This report was archived in 2010 and has not been updated since. Countries around the world are recognising the urgent need to address issues such global warming, CO2 emissions and the need for energy savings. Electricity generation is the single largest contributor to global CO2 emissions, but also offers the greatest potential for reducing such emissions in the short and medium term. Utilities around the world are in a race to upgrade their decades old infrastructure to make it more intelligent (ie smart grids). This will allow utilities the ability to better manage their network, limit electricity loss, prevent outages, loadshed and provide customers with in-house information and tools (smart meters) to better manage their own energy use. In addition, utilities will be able to reduce their carbon emissions, which will offer interesting opportunities on the carbon trading market. This report provides a global overview of Smart Grid developments including analyses of its importance in terms of environmental issues.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Global smart grid market overview
    • 3.1.1 Partnerships and consolidation
      • 3.2 Global smart meters market overview
      • 3.3 Australia and USA – two leading markets
    • 4. Consumer issues: brief case study: BGE smart grid services
    • 5. Market analyses
      • 5.1 Utilities need to be modernised
      • 5.2 Let’s make smart decisions
      • 5.3 So what is the solution?
      • 5.4 A trans-sector approach is necessary
      • 5.5 Using electricity infrastructure to roll out broadband
        • 5.5.1 Skilled and readily available workforce
        • 5.5.2 Combined ONT/smart meter
      • 5.6 Utilities overwhelmed by smart-grid cost
    • 6. Process and Organizational Disruption from Smart Grid
    • 7. The broader picture – environmental issues
      • 7.1 Smart grids and climate change
      • 7.2 The reality of global warming
      • 7.3 Carbon trading
      • 7.4 Narrowband will foreclose maximising energy management
      • 7.5 Excess capacity can be used for other broadband services
      • 7.6 ICT solutions for global warming and energy saving
      • 7.7 After Copenhagen all eyes should move to China
        • 7.7.1 Smart Grids - an option for quick climate change wins
      • 7.8 Smart grids and CO2 emission savings
    • 8. Recent developments in the renewable energy market
      • 8.1 A highly volatile market
      • 8.2 China will dominate equipment supply market
      • 8.3 European industry needs major overhaul
      • 8.4 Government leadership is needed
    • 9. Smart grids – potential for disruptive business models
    • 10. Conclusion
    • 11. Key alliances
      • 11.1 Cisco Smart Grid Ecosystem
      • 11.2 IBM’s Intelligent Utility Network Coalition
      • 11.3 IPSO Alliance
    • 12. Related reports
    • Table 1 – Value of the global smart grid market – 2009; 2030
    • Table 2 – Worldwide installed base of smart meters – 2009; 2015
    • Table 3 – Overall electricity price increase in select countries – 2003 - 2008
    • Table 4 – Worldwide electricity consumption – 1973; 1980; 1990; 2000; 2020; 2030
    • Exhibit 1 – Definition of Smart Grid
    • Exhibit 2 – Evolution of smart grids
    • Exhibit 3 – Smart Grid applications
    • Exhibit 4 - Challenges Smart Grids can address
    • Exhibit 5 – AT&T interested in Smart Grids
    • Exhibit 6 – The cost of smart meters
    • Exhibit 7 – EU’S Smart metering standardisation showing results
    • Exhibit 8 – Smart Grid Australia

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