BuddeComm Intelligence Report - Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and the Telecoms Sector


The telecoms operators in 2020 have a unique chance to capitalise upon the opportunities offered by the emerging Artificial Intelligence sector along with other trends related to Augmented Reality, M2M and IoT sectors. As the telecoms sector evolves towards 5G – there are growing expectations that its deployment will greatly escalate development in these sectors and ultimately contribute to developing Smart Cities.

For many years Artificial Intelligence (AI) was just a futuristic concept - but with recent progress in Machine Learning capabilities; the AI sector is firmly pushed into the spotlight.

Virtual and Augmented Reality are also both going to benefit from current developments in the AI and mobile sector. The development of Wearable devices, improved connectivity from 5G and the many emerging applications for the technology, provides a positive environment for significant growth.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has highlighted both 5G and Artificial Intelligence as important innovations required to enable smart cities.

This BuddeComm report explores some of the broader trends and examples relating to AI and Smart Cities which will influence and provide opportunities for the telecoms sector.

Key developments:

  • The various trends relating to AI, IoT and Smart Cities are playing a role in what is considered to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
  • Telecoms operators and related industries will find many new opportunities emerging from these trends, including, and not limited to, ensuring that sufficient high-speed and high-capacity infrastructure in available.
  • Smart phone device manufacturers are very interested in AI for mobile devices.

Table of Contents

  • Artificial Intelligence and 4IR

    • Machine learning/Deep learning
    • Cognitive computing
      • Mind’s Eye
    • Creating an ethical path for AI
      • United Nations sustainable development goals
    • Wearable devices and Virtual Reality
  • Smart cities to benefit from ICT advancement

    • Opportunities for the Telcos
    • Leading smart cities by region
    • Increasing global pressures: population growth
      • Key components of smart cities
  • Conclusion: AI and the telecoms sector

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List of Tables

  • Table 1 – Smart cities – global market value – 2017 - 2024

List of Charts

  • Chart 1 – Smart city market value set to grow – 2017 – 2024

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1 – Key developments towards AI – 2000 – 2020
  • Exhibit 2 – Leading smart cities by region – towards 2020
  • Exhibit 3 – Urban growth
  • Exhibit 4 – Google Tensorflow
  • Exhibit 5 – Angelina

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