Smart Grids - An Incremental Process


Archived report. This report has been archived and is no longer updated. Progress has certainly been made in the development of smart grids, but because of its nature the concept continues to be ill-defined and rather fluid and this makes it difficult to develop firm plans of action. Smart grids involve several key elements – the grid itself, the consumer home energy network, and the facility to include and manage renewable energy and e-cars.

The electricity utilities started off with one of the smart grid elements, the smart meter, and that still dominates many of the developments. At the same time it does to a certain extent limit more truly ‘smart’ developments. And the focus is still very much associated with the traditional grid and the upgrading that is needed there.

The jury is still out on how smart grids are going to be developed. Will the industry lead the development of smart grids? Will it be government-mandated or will disruptive elements force changes in a traditionally risk-averse and slow-moving industry?

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Industry still facing serious problems
  • 3. Smartening up the grid
    • 3.1 Too much utility’s centred
    • 3.2 Industry Transformation
    • 3.3 Developing economies
    • 3.4 Challenges are enormous
    • 3.5 Incremental process to take several decades
    • 3.6 Many parts will form the total
  • 4. Government policies and regulations
    • 4.1 Government or industry led?
    • 4.2 Global Smart Grid Federation
    • 4.3 Regulatory issues and policy initiatives
      • 4.3.1 US gridlocked
      • 4.3.2 China forging ahead
  • 5. Smart grids is a telecoms play
  • 6. Related reports
  • Exhibit 1 – What makes a Grid smart?
  • Exhibit 2 – Electricity industry transformation process
  • Exhibit 3 – How other industries transformed
  • Exhibit 4 – Smart Grid Exchange Initiative in China

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