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Archived report. This report was archived in 2008 and has not been updated since. When WiMAX started to lose its potential as an alternative to fixed broadband, the industry began talking about personal broadband, basically as a much more data-focussed wireless broadband product for the mobile market. In 2008 certified mobile WiMAX products became available, however while we wait for these products to reach the mass market, the mobile operators themselves continue to increase wireless broadband penetration – placing them in a strong position to fend off any potential WiMAX competition. This report includes BuddeComm’s analysis of WiMAX in terms of the mobile industry. Statistics for WiMAX can be found in a separate report.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Mobility analyses 2008
    • 3.1 Alternative to mobile broadband - Failed
    • 3.2 WiMAX remains a niche market product
    • 3.3 Opportunities in regional niche markets
    • 3.4 Major battle to challenge HSPA
    • 3.5 Mobile data in context
      • 3.5.1 The demand is there
  • 4. How to move forward?
    • 4.1 Service evolution
    • 4.2 Super 3G versus WiMAX
    • 4.3 WiMAX needs to move more quickly
    • 4.4 LTE declared war on WiMAX
      • 4.4.1 Mobile phones of the future
    • 4.5 WiMAX dedicated data network
  • 5. Related reports

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Mobile & Wireless Broadband and Media
Strategies & Analyses (Industry & Markets)

Number of pages 7

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Last updated 15 Jul 2008
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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