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Archived report. This report was archived in August 2005 and has not been updated. The convergence of IT and telecommunications and the emergence of broadband is finally going to bring Customer Relation Management systems (CRMs) into the heart of the e-economy. In order to utilise new developments that emerge from convergence, companies will increasingly have to become e-oriented. Electronic (web based) sales and marketing systems can’t operate without proper CRMs. It will be the small business and even the SOHO market that are going to drive this market. Top years will be between 2005-2008. The telco industry itself with its antiquated customer services is also embracing CRMs, and this is proving to be a real challenge.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Related reports
  • 3. Failing Customer services in the telco industry
    • 3.1 CRMs for the telco industry
    • 3.2 The operators’ view
    • 3.3 Meeting the customers’ requirements
    • 3.4 The misuse of ‘customer service’
    • 3.5 Tools to increase customer service
    • 3.6 Reports from 2005
    • 3.7 Statistics from 2004
  • 4. CRMs tools for Out-tasking
    • 4.1 building the virtual organisation
    • 4.2 Front-office developments
    • 4.3 Start now to be ready in 3 years
  • 5. OSS, Billing and customer care Systems
    • 5.1 Operations Support Systems (OSS)
    • 5.2 Customer management
    • 5.3 Customer care systems
    • 5.4 From billing to CRM
    • 5.5 From administration to marketing
    • 5.6 Size is a disadvantage
  • 6. Crms key to new business models (analysis)
    • 6.1 Potential pitfalls of CRM
    • 6.2 CRM moving into SME market
      • 6.2.1 SMEs will provide a growing share of CRM revenues globally
      • 6.2.2 Technology changes
  • 7. Meta Directories
  • Table 1 – CRM spending in Asia Pacific – 2003 and 2008
  • Table 2 – North American CRM licence revenues by application – 2003 – 2008
  • Table 3 – Global CRM revenue shares by application – 2004
  • Exhibit 1 – Early adopters

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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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As usual, you’ve done a splendid job of bringing an industry well and truly into the spotlight.

I think that without your input and passion, Australia would have barely scratched the surface of the benefits that can and will be achieved with the wholesale adoption of Smart Grid and Smart City concepts.


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