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Archived report. This report was archived in September 2003 and has not been updated. A wide range of broad business functions are outsourced to call centres, ranging from customer service, through product registration, right through to personnel and vehicle dispatching. Call centres have an increasingly important role within organisations today. Not only do they facilitate the running of the business, but they have the potential to improve retention of existing customers and can also assist with the acquisition of new ones. This report described the past, present and future of call centres, and their technologies.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Related reports
  • 3. Call centres
    • 3.1 Locations
    • 3.2 Services provided
    • 3.3 Call centre employment
  • 4. Virtual Call Centre
  • 5. Trends and Developments
    • 5.1 Enhanced customer service
    • 5.2 Reduced network communications expenses
    • 5.3 Increased revenue growth
    • 5.4 Employee productivity
    • 5.5 Visual customer interface (video) agent positions
    • 5.6 Remote / SOHO / Teleworking agent positions
    • 5.7 From Call Centre to Communications Centre
    • 5.8 Global call centre
    • 5.9 Virtual call centres
    • 5.10 Future Developments
  • 6. Call Centre Technologies
    • 6.1 Introduction
    • 6.2 Overview of the market in mid 00s
    • 6.3 Caller Line Identification (CLI)
    • 6.4 Computer Integrated Telephony (CIT)
    • 6.5 Communications Centre - the ultimate CTI application
    • 6.6 The end of CTI
    • 6.7 Co-operative Computer Environments
    • 6.8 Application programming interfaces
    • 6.9 Integration of CIT and Voice Processing
    • 6.10 Music on hold
    • Exhibit 1 – Caller Line Identification services
    • Exhibit 2 – API-CIT applications
    • Exhibit 3 – Automatic Call Distribution

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