Global Recovery will Depend on Trans-Sector Vision


Archived report. This report was archived in 2011 and has not been updated. Trans-sector thinking will be required to guide us through the next stage of human evolution. We are drawing attention here to the importance of looking across sectors to create synergy. BuddeComm has previously discussed at length the opportunities within the ICT industries of utilising new telecoms networks for e-health, e-education, smart grids, etc.

Apart from this, the report discusses a new way of thinking which also applies across infrastructure projects – looking at the potential synergies between the building of roads, sewerage systems, water and gas pipe networks, as well as telecoms and electricity networks – in short, smart communities.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Global recovery program
  • 4. Global welfare depends on new thinking concepts
    • 4.1 Benefits of mobile communication in rural and developing areas
  • 5. Missing link: political leadership
    • 5.1 We have become a society of silos
    • 5.2 The buck stops with the heads of government
    • 5.3 How many stimulus packages can we afford?
    • 5.4 Design principles of a trans-sector model
    • 5.5 Trans-sector regulation – regulations need to be rewritten
      • 5.5.1 FttH will change telecom models
      • 5.5.2 Utilities-based regulation
  • 6. Smart cities and smart communities
    • 6.1 The multiplier effect
    • 6.2 Looking for opportunities (low-hanging fruit)
    • 6.3 We lack the structures to implement trans-sector visions
    • 6.4 Smart Cities, Buildings and Communities (separate report)
  • 7. Thought leadership: trans-sector costing models
    • 7.1 The economics of trans-sector models
    • 7.2 Examples for cost modelling
    • 7.3 Monetising e-benefits
  • 8. Global cooperation
    • 8.1 Trans-sector thinking spreading to the highest levels in Government
    • 8.2 Early leadership from Australia
    • 8.3 USA
    • 8.4 Netherlands
    • 8.5 Australia – USA – Dutch cooperation
    • 8.6 People power
  • 9. Conclusion: changes required for trans-sector innovations
  • 10. Related reports
  • Exhibit 1 – Examples of countries with planned ICT infrastructure investment

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