Global - National Broadband and Trans-sector developments in Australia and New Zealand


This report provides an international case study for the international audience. As the discussion continues about the need for intelligent networks and ‘smarts’ in virtually everything it becomes obvious that we must move away from the decision-making processes that have brought us to the point of financial crisis, environmental crisis and to the monopolistic and dogmatic regimes that have developed in the telecoms sector. Around the world debates are heating up in the search for new and better ways to find solutions for these crises. There is more or less universal agreement that a linear continuation of the past will lead to more problems and, eventually, utter chaos and destruction.

Trans-sector thinking will be required to guide us through the next stage of human evolution. We are drawing attention here to the importance of looking across sectors to create synergy. BuddeComm has previously discussed at length the opportunities within the ICT industries of utilizing new telecoms networks for e-health, e-education, smart grids, etc. Apart from this, the report discusses a new way of thinking which also applies across infrastructure projects – looking at the potential synergies between the building of roads, sewerage systems, water and gas pipe networks, as well as telecoms and electricity networks – in short, smart communities.

The focus in this report will be on the national broadband and trans-sector developments in Australia and New Zealand, these countries are leading the world in embracing new government policies and business strategies which are taking their telecommunications industries – as well as several other sectors - into total new directions.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. The National Broadband Plan in Australia
  • 3. Regulatory telco reforms
  • 4. Trans-sector increases the pie
  • 5. The role of the infrastructure company
  • 6. Government leadership
  • 7. Trans-sector Projects
    • 7.1 E-education: Australia’s first trans-sector initiative
    • 7.2 Trans-sector project: smart grids
    • 7.3 Trans-sector e-health
      • 7.3.1 The National Health Reform Agenda
      • 7.3.2 National Broadband network will play a key role
      • 7.3.3 Changing the silos system
      • 7.3.4 Industry leadership required
    • 7.4 Trans-sector project for social services
    • 7.5 Smart infrastructure
  • 8. New Zealand’s ultra-fast broadband Network
  • 9. BuddeComm’s involvement
  • 10. Other reports

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Last updated 22 Sep 2009
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Analyst: Paul Budde

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