Global - Mobile voice - PCS Markets (Research discontinued 2002)


The original idea for PCS was as a public service offering a range of functions covering home zone or limited mobility operation, pedestrian speed mobility, and low and high speed vehicle mobility. By 2000 however, there was very little difference left between PCS and the traditional mobile services, which by that time were mainly based on digital technologies. The name only lingers on the USA. This report is a rather historic view of the original concept, and deals with activities up until 2001.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Market overview
    • 2.1 Initial definitions from the mid 1990s
    • 2.2 Concept used for fixed/mobile substitution
    • 2.3 Market forecasts
    • 2.4 Mobile a game for big boys only?
    • 2.5 PCS operators will have to move on
    • 2.6 PCS market is expanding rapidly
    • 2.7 Regional developments
      • 2.7.1 Asia
      • 2.7.2 USA
      • 2.7.3 Europe
    • 2.8 PCNs and Advanced Intelligent Networks
  • 3. Future marketing trends
    • 3.1 PCNs may ignore real market needs
  • 4. PCS technologies
    • 4.1 Introduction
    • 4.2 DECT
    • 4.3 CDMA
      • 4.3.1 CDMA – the PCS for the Americas
  • 5. Personal Communication Network via cable TV
  • 6. Universal Personal Communications
  • Table 1 – Minimum market shares of new PCS required to ensure survival
  • Exhibit 1 – PCS characteristics
  • Exhibit 2 – Third Generation Mobile Telecommunications
  • Exhibit 3 – Selected cellular/PCS services and their starting dates
  • Exhibit 4 – Integration of cellular and PCS
  • Exhibit 5 – Major features of a UTP network

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Mobile Communications (voice and infrastructure)

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Last updated 14 Feb 2003
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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