Global - Industry - Regulatory - Analysis of the Liberalisation Processes


The early movers in telecoms liberalisation are now entering the next stage, which involves the structural separation of their incumbent operator. Infrastructure is, to a large extent, a natural monopoly and needs to be treated with care in any liberalisation process. Wholesale competition has been successfully obstructed by the incumbents. We now have plenty of information to assist us to fine-tune liberalisation processes, which need to be conducted on a country-by-country basis. A national infrastructure vision and national strategies are prerequisites for any further liberalisation processes.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Why liberalisation?
  • 3. Does liberalisation deliver a better telco environment?
  • 4. Infrastructure-based competition
    • 4.1 Natural monopolies
    • 4.2 Niche market competition
      • 4.2.1 Structural separation
    • 4.3 Alternative infrastructure
    • 4.4 State and local government initiatives
    • 4.5 Duopolies and other cosy mobile arrangements
  • 5. It’s worthwhile fighting for open networks - 2006
    • 5.1 Structural changes to the industry are overdue
    • 5.2 Alcatel puts its weight behind the monopoly
    • 5.3 The farce of infrastructure-based competition
    • 5.4 We should stand firm on open networks
    • 5.5 The telcos failed for 30 years – Internet succeeded in 10
    • 5.6 Open networks engine for innovation and growth
    • 5.7 Large economic benefits
    • 5.8 BT leading the way
    • 5.9 Safe harbours undermine the Internet economy
    • 5.10 Bill of Internet Rights
  • 6. On-net competition (wholesale)
  • 7. Balanced developments
  • 8. Differences in liberalisation successes
  • 9. TOWARDS Liberalisation
    • 9.1 Facilitating processes in Asia and Scandinavia
    • 9.2 Liberalisation in reverse: USA
    • 9.3 Watch the UK model
  • 10. Related reports

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Just a quick note to say thank for your helpful reports. I`ve used them a couple of times over the years and I found your talk at CeBIT, very interesting indeed.

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