Global - Forecasts - Industry - Strategic, Political, Regulatory Developments in 2004


Regulations introduced over the last decade have largely failed to create government policy outcomes, aimed at increased competition in the fixed market. After the telco crisis, incumbents with their vertical integrated models have emerged as the winners. However, slow but steady progress has been made in wholesale, unbundled local loop and line sharing. Either naturally or driven by regulations, structural separation will eventually happen. Without large scale funding, incumbents will fragment, which in turn will lead to mergers and acquisition. This report was archived in 2005.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Related reports
  • 3. Forecasting reports for 2004
  • 4. Key strategic developments
    • 4.1 Economies to benefit from IT&T recovery
    • 4.2 Key drivers: convenience and lifestyle
    • 4.3 Leaders, followers and losers
    • 4.4 Winning and losing formulae
  • 5. Regulations keep driving competition
  • 6. Where to go from here?
  • 7. Regulators lost their grip
  • 8. Anti-trust busters
  • 9. Government will have to take a lead
  • 10. Regulatary driven competition
    • 10.1 Wholesale opportunities
    • 10.2 Infrastructure competition

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Regulations & Government Policies

Number of pages 6

Status Archived

Last updated 12 Jan 2004
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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