Global - Digital Media - Massive Media Changes - Analysis 2006


Archived report. This report was archived in 2006 and has not been updated. The media market is on the verge of massive changes. Several developments are taking place at once, driven by technologies. Broadband-based infrastructure is going to make the need for separate telecoms and broadband infrastructure obsolete. The consumer electronics market is pushing for changes driven by plasma screens and DVRs; thus increasing market demand for more and better entertainment services. There will be casualties, especially among traditional broadcasters, and new leaders will emerge on the telco side of the business. This report provides definitions and describes the effects the process of convergence will have on the industry.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Definition and broad introduction
  • 3. Three distinct industry realignments
    • 3.1 Infrastructure
    • 3.2 Content
    • 3.3 Appliances
  • 4. Get a 360 degree vision
  • 5. Action where there is media market dynamics
  • 6. Telcos – losers in the march of progress
    • 6.1 Incumbent telcos and media companies – the cracks are appearing
    • 6.2 Financial market a victim of privatisation
    • 6.3 Traditional businesses models are done for
    • 6.4 Structural reforms are the only way forward
    • 6.5 Keep an eye on BT and Internet companies
    • 6.6 The Internet is rapidly becoming a national asset
  • 7. Converging media services
    • 7.1 ‘User experience’ pushing up demand
    • 7.2 Plasma screens
  • 8. Analysis: Access, not content, is King
  • 9. Continental shift in competition
    • 9.1 From calls to applications
    • 9.2 Expect delays and roadblocks
    • 9.3 Fragmentation, consolidation, mergers and acquisitions
    • 9.4 Where are the new opportunities?
    • 9.5 Think international
    • 9.6 DVRs
    • 9.7 Broadcasters losing out
      • 9.7.1 Broadcasters should take their lead from the BBC
    • 9.8 Google takes on the media giants
  • 10. Good old radio – here to stay
  • 11. Publishers need to move into the new media faster
    • 11.1 Newspaper jobs cut – bad decision in growing online industry
    • 11.2 News online
    • 11.3 The ‘integrated newsroom’
    • 11.4 Blogging creating havoc in news media
      • 11.4.1 Mediacracy
      • 11.4.2 Affecting traditional news media
  • 12. The video rental business
  • 13. Policies and strategies
    • 13.1 Separation and integration
    • 13.2 Structural separation is inevitable
  • 14. Related reports
  • Exhibit 1 - Intermix Media

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Digital Media
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Last updated 6 Sep 2006
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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